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The Weather Rainbowy Canvas [written]

The Highlander

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The name sounds weird, I know that, however that is the kind of style they work with (except auroral, though rainbowy is an actually word, so there is no choice).

Is anyone else disappointed they never finished the Weather Painter archtype ?

In fact the missing links are the red Weather Painter, the red Canvas and the White/Rainbow Canvas. (White, given that White Light effectively consists of the colours of a rainbow (though not necessarily only that)).

I guess I cannot be the only one who wants support for the original Link Spell archtype (given that the Spells are basicly pointing up-right, up, up-left).


The Weather Rainbowy Canvas

Continuous Spell

"The Weather" Effect Monsters in your Main Monster Zones of this card's column and its adjacent columns gain this effect.
● You can banish this card, then target 1 card your opponent controls (Quick Effect); Negate its effects until the end of this turn.

You can only target each card type (Monster, Spell, Trap) once per turn with this effect.
You can only control 1 "The Weather Rainbowy Canvas".


So effectively it allows Weather Painters to stun their opponent somewhat, yet is restricted to target each "colour" up to once per turn.

Given that Weather Painters want to play a slower game this card definitely supports them in doing just that, not being a sitting duck as they currently are, while not being too oppressive.

I considered making it a trap card, however that would contradict the trap ards only being able to activate in specific situations, while I wanted this card to maintain their "dodgy" playstyle, while being able to "endure" a bit longer and not being able to interrupt an opponent from snowballing leaves your deck unplayable in this day and age.

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