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[Written] Flamvell Pyromancer


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Flamvell Pyromancer


Link: DR


1 monster with 200 DEF

This card cannot be used as Link Material during the turn it was summoned. When this card is Link Summoned: Special Summon 1 monster from your deck with 200 DEF to a zone this card points to. You can only Link Summon "Flamvell Pyromancer" once per turn.

ATK/200 LINK-1


So Pyromancer is a Link 1 that works into Flamvells theme of 200 DEF where through its effects can summon any monster from your deck with 200 DEF which can include anything from Flamvell Fire Dog with 1900 ATK to Poly-Chemicritter Dioxogre with 2800 ATK.


In addition to this in a Flamvell Deck this card can effectively bring out Sunburn the Sweltering Solar Calamity with its 2600 ATK from your deck if its not already in your hand.

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