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[Written] HERO Impact


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HERO Impact

Counter Trap Card

Activate this card when your opponent activates a card or effect while you control a "HERO" Fusion monster. Negate the activation or effects of that card and destroy it. If you Fusion Summon a "HERO" monster from your Extra Deck while this card is in the GY (except during the Damage Step): You can Set this card, but banish it when it leaves the field.


So HERO Impact acts similar to Salamangreat Roar as a counter trap thats focused around a decks core summoning mechanic where this card focus on your HERO Fusions to negate cards and like Salamangreat Roar this can come back tot he field when you Fusion Summon a HERO monster (which balances this out in Masked HERO's) so you can get another negation off on your opponent.


In Destiny HERO, Omni HERO and Neos Fusion Decks this card can be used to the best of its ability as they all focus on Fusion Summoning so you can recycle through your multiple Impacts.

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