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The Eternal Soldier


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This is my Idea for a card. I think its balanced


Make sure you post the effect text underneath (along with its stats, etc) as pictures can/will be unavailable at times and if it happens, we can't grade anything.



As far as this card goes, I really do not see Black Luster Soldiers as a Deck making this, even with the support cards they have available. Granted, Sacred and Beginning are easy enough to get out; Twilight is another story considering its conditions. I am going to assume you also know about Master Rule 4 and this technically taking up your "1 Extra Deck monster" slot over making a Rank 8 or something that BLS as a Deck can make use of in the long run.


That being said, the battle immunity isn't really impressive considering the effect removal that exists. Banishing monsters it destroys is alright, but lack of protection does it no favors as mentioned already. Last effect does recycle things so you have more banishing fodder later, but by the time you summon this, you're likely not in a position to do much. Given the conditions for summoning this, you could afford to give it some degree of effect protection (i.e. don't get banished by opposing BLS) or have its Summon be unable to be chained to (see Strike, Warning, etc.)

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This NEEDS to be stronger. Its 3 Specific mat fusion that has to be fused from the field using nomis/semi nomis monster which mind you can be astronomically difficult to summon. Its practically the reason why HERO Neos is unplayable before our yesterday supports. I think you can either allow using mat from hand or you can go crazy on the effects here like above poster said. A good protection is a start or maybe a better removal effect than any of its material

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