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Legacy Link Support, part 2


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10 new cards for you! Basically, there are a bunch of old Archetypes that don’t work as well after MR4. This is my attempt to help fill in some of the weak spots. Also included a couple of “generic” link monsters intended as retrains as well. Dova, you reviewed part one so I’d really like to see what you think of this bunch. Per your joke I’m leaving what is being supported out of the description. I hope you enjoy the surprise.


Here’s the link to Part 1 of this: https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/375239-legacy-link-support/


Herald of Radiant Light         LIGHT/Fairy/Link                    300/1(D)

1 Level 2 Fairy Monster

If this card is Linked Summon you may add a Level 2 Fairy Monster from your Deck to your hand, with a different name from this card’s Link Material. If the opponent activates a card or effect you can Tribute this card and discard a card; negate the card or effect and destroy it, and then if you do and if the discarded card was a Fairy monster, draw a card.


Eternity Shield                        EARTH/Warrior/Link               3000/1(D)

1 Warrior monster

The card cannot attack. A monster this card points to cannot be targeted for an attack or by card effects.


Guardian Faust                       DARK/Fiend/Link                    1200/1(D)

1 monster equipped with an Equip Spell Card

If this card is Link Summoned you can reveal a “Guardian” monster in your hand; add an Equip Spell Card that is listed in that monster’s text from your Deck to your hand, then shuffle that monster into the Deck and draw a card. If you activate an Equip Spell Card you may Special Summon one monster that lists that Equip Spell Card in its card text from your Deck. You do not have to send cards from our hand to the GY to activate Equip Spell Cards. You may only activate each effect of “Guardian Faust” once per turn.


Evil HERO Lilith                    DARK/Warrior/Link                1400/2(D, R)

2 “HERO monsters, including an “Evil HERO” monster

Once per turn you can banish 1 “Elemental HERO” Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck; Special Summon an “Evil HERO” Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that lists the same Fusion Materials (this is treated as a Fusion Summon with “Dark Fusion”) but it cannot be used as Material for a Link Summon. If a monster this card points to is targeted by a card or effect you can Tribute this card; negate that card or effect and destroy it. You can only activate each effect of “Evil HERO Lilith” once per turn.


Predaplant Poison Poppy        DARK/Plant/Link                    1600/2(DR, DL)

2 Plant monsters

If this card battles a monster with a level currently lower than its original level it gains ATK equal to the difference x 300 during damage calculation only. You can banish this card from your GY to place a Predator Counter on each of up to 2 face-up monsters your opponent controls.


Rainbow Duston                     LIGHT/Fiend/Link                   0/1(D)

1 “Duston” monster

The opponent cannot use “Duston” monsters they control as Material for any kind of Summon. At the start of the Battle Phase, this card’s ATK becomes equal to the total number of “Duston” monsters your opponent controls x 1000. Can ATK a number of times each Battle Phase up to the number of “Duston” monsters you control.


Genex Comptroller                 DARK/Machine/Link               1400/1(D)

1 “Genex” monster, other than a Link monster

During your Main Phase, you can Normal Summon a “Genex” monster in addition to your Normal Summon/Set. If this card was Link Summoned using “Genex Controller” as Material, you opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to the Normal Summon of “Genex” monsters, or in response to the effects of “Genex” monsters that activate when they are Normal Summoned.


Genex Signal Booster              DARK/Machine/Link               1600/2(L, R)

2 “Genex” monsters, other than Link monsters

You can only activate each effect of “Genex Signal Booster” once per turn. During the turn this card was Link Summoned, you may, immediately after this effect resolves: Synchro Summon a “Genex” Synchro Monster by banishing its Materials from your GY. This card gains the following effects depending on its Link Materials.

  • An “R-Genex” monster: You may send a “Genex” monster from your Deck to your GY; add a “Genex” monster with the same level but a different original name from your Deck to your hand.
  • A “Genex Ally” monster: You may target a “Genex” monster you control or that is in your GY and declare an Attribute; it becomes that Attribute until the End Phase.

Overlord Kristya                    LIGHT/Fairy/Link                    2800/4(U, DL, D, DR)

2+ Fairy monsters

If this card is Link Summoned using 4 monsters as Material, you can Special Summon a Fairy monster from your GY or from your banished cards. Your opponent cannot Link Summon. If this card is sent from the field to the GY by battle or by an opponent’s card effect, you can shuffle 1 other Fairy monster from your GY into your Deck; draw a card.


Gonglu, Power of the Yang Zing          DARK/Dragon/Link                1700/2 (DL, DR)

2 Wyrm monsters

“Yang Zing” monsters used to Link Summon this card apply their effects to this card that they would apply to Synchro Monsters Summoned using them. Also apply those effects to Wyrm monsters this card points to. You can Tribute this card (Quick Effect) to target one card on the field with an effect that prevents or negates Special Summons; negate that card or effect until the end of the turn (you can use this effect in response to a Counter Trap Card activated in response to an attempted Special Summon).


As you can see, I didn’t have any lunch with “Ice Barrier”, “Digital Bug”, or “Mist Valley”. Not 100% sure where they are weak you know? Maybe for part 3!

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Herald of Radiant Light: 

Nice first effect, gives you a chance to fuel your cost for its second effect, get whatever fairy type monster you need in the gy and remain at +1. Fits in with the herald archtype, stats and effect included and also quite handy link 1 support for fairy as a whole! 


Eternity Shield    

Concept is nice but in my opinion far to powerful for a link 1. You have to think to yourself would i be able to set a level 4 or lower monster with 3000 ATK? ontop of this you can put any warrior type monster in the gy for free (I am thinking doppel warrior in a synchro swarm deck; have protection first turn with this cards massive defence and effect and then swarm next turn with link and synchro monsters.) If you are wanting to fix this I would halve the ATK straight up as the effect of this gives full protection for any monster below it. 


Guardian Faust:

This card is really nice and focuses on quite an old school, niche arcetype! nice that you gain a +1 in hand and field; which if you were planning on making the archetype competitive you would need to give it something to give it an edge! The additional effect is nice, making really out dated equip spell cards a tiny bit more playable!


Evil HERO Lilith:

This card is also really nice (as I have loved the evil hero archetype since it debuted back in the GX days!) I think the first effect you have given is enough as it isnt a once time effect and something you can use repeatedly if you manage to keep the monster on the field! granted the material cant be used as link material but level 6 is a nice level to combine with a multiple of really competitive level 1/2 tuners to get staple synchro monsters out on the field (after activating evil hero's destructive effects) If you were wanting to keep the secondary effect I would maybe change it you can only activate one of these effects once per turn?


Predaplant Poison Poppy:

seems alright to me! it will definitely do well against high level decks and reminds me of a better version of rali the star bird! I am not that familiar with the archetype so I cant properly review this card as the additional predator counter effect might be a bit too much (but I wouldnt know!) 


Genex Comptroller:

this one is really nice! I like how you have kept the archetype theme centred around genex controller to gain additional effects. the main effect is very nice, means you can make full use of the arcetypes high level monsters and their effects alot more easily! 


Genex Signal Booster:

Again really like this card! the synchro summoning from the gy right after its summon might be a little strong though as you can effectively link summon this with synchro material monsters that you want to pop this cards effect with (although this cards effect could obviously be negated) The add on effects are nice but I already think the primary effect is too strong so I dont think it really needs any additional (although they are really creative and really match the archetypes goal!)


Overlord Kristya: 

I would say this card was OP, purely because there is no additional text regarding the prevention of link summoning (so your effectively saying once this card is link summoned your opponent cant at all) I would change that to while this card is face up on the field. its first effect is nice if you manage to pull it off but although the middle effect is broken atm once fixed I think the last effect is a little to weak for a link 4 monster... maybe make it so you can draw 2 cards upon destruction?



I Have only reviewed the archetypes that I feel confident enough to talk about (due to my absence from the game during most of the zexal and all of the arc v period!) I like the ideas of multiple archetype support and overall with a bit of tweaking these cards will slip straight into the archetypes you have assosiated them with!



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I can't even remember my joke haha

Herald is rather strong, if only because Cyber Fairies exist. This card is accessible with Cyber Petit Angel and so turns its Normal Summon into not only a Herald but a negator in and of itself. I'm also not a big fan of Link 1s that do things on Summon; searching and Special Summoning is fine, but like that new Traptrix link, there should be some restriction so its not just a plussing ladder.

I don't recognize the archetype behind Eternity Shield; is it for that Level 5 Normal 0/3000? Still, fully agree with Marshy on this one being too generic for a Link 1, and therefore sending from the field to the GY too easily.

Faust's first effect is weird when it comes to how it does what it does, but I guess there isn't another way of implementing what you had in mind. I like the last two effects though, especially the second one as it allows you to duplicate monsters if you use an Equip that can only equip to a specific monster (such as Magic Formula to DM/DMG). I'd suggest dropping the discarding prevention effect though, as 3 effects on a Link 1 (with too much ATK) isn't great. Yes, Guardians need the help, but it'd be better to spread effects over an series of cards...even if you don't make most of them.

Agree with Marshy on Lilith as well, as you can use the monster Summoned by Lilith to go into another Lilith as a loop, which while it doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment, it is just asking for trouble. I don't think that a "you can only use 1 effect of..." is necessary though, and you could get away with just "you can only use this effect" on the first effect, as your opponent will do most of their targeting on their turn.

Poppy is alright, but slow. ATK boost isn't really a problem they had, as they have their Rafflesia Fusion boi. What they do need is speed and something else done with the Counters, and while this does have counter placement, it's only after it goes to the GY.

I don't like Rainbow superceding Starduston, but I'm unsure which of them is actually better. Still, it's very difficult actually giving your opponent's the monsters they need in Dustons, so maybe Rainbow could help with that instead. Multiple attacking is cool and all but with Dustons in Defense...

Comptroller is nice, seemingly unrelated to Genex while actually helping their Summons a great deal, but drop that attack please. 1000 is already high for a Link 1, and this has the same as Lilith.

Kristya I don't get, but it's a fine card. I like how it grabs a Fairy but if you go with a Summon 4 Fairies then immediately Summon this guy, his effect disables the original Kristya. Drawing is nice too, perfectly complementing Kristya.

Can't get weirder than Gonglu, but he works. I was actually rather scared when I saw him, as Yang Zings with a Link could become very powerful indeed, but he works with their mechanics in a fun way while not being unhelpful. I do have a problem with a monster being able to respond to a Counter Trap, but worse things have been done than before.

Mostly too stronk, but this set gets much better as it nears the end, being more indicative of your style. Just some easy nerfs and a few reworks should get this cool cards back on track ^^


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Yeah I'm not very good at assigning ATK values to Link monsters yet. Not real sure how they convert ya know?


Yeah Eternity Shield is supposed to be a retrain of Millennium Shield. I can see what you mean about it being over powered even with it just acting as a big wall most of the time. Maybe if it was Link 2? With D, R arrows?


Lilith was supposed supposed to have a clause so the summoned monster couldn't be used as Link Material. My bad.


I was worried that Gonglu would be over strong with that counter trap negating effect, but I knew they were a major weakness of the archetype. Might scrap that after all though.


What did you think of Signal Booster?

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