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Lets talk about keyforge. A game where you have decks but can not edit the decks. You can buy cards but not booster packs. Battling is second but gathering amber aka mana is first. Gain 6 amber to make a key. Have 3 keys you win. You have a deck with 3 different houses aka guilds in your deck but you can only play with one third of your deck at any time.


Discuss this new and interesting anomaly.

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So i come to this Tabletop expo in my town and manage to try it


I dont like it


The funking power plays in this game is way to high since its a completely free of resource with the only limitation is that you can only play, use effects, or attack with 1 archetype at the time. Which is a double-edged sword since it extremely favor the leading player which no matter how decent the hand of the player that behind he/she must gamble on linear play of support only 1 of his/her equally bad boardstate of each archetype which ultimately in vain to produce comeback


The win condition is also ridicullously easy to snowballed even with preexisting distruptions effects.


Im writing this not as a loser of the game. Im actually WIN 2 Match in the row using completely random demo deck each. But the way it wins its so 1-sided its not really fun

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played it at my shop, lead the whole game, and then lost in an instant. 


i like it, but not enough to roll with it as my main card game. Mother is busted though.

I kinda like how there is no "Wait in response i do this" that can change later down the road.


Lot of cards are really good if not OP.

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Personally I love it. It's not currently my main focus (Warhammer and Dropzone/fleet are currently taking up alot of my life), but I don't think that's the point of it. It's nice to play casually, and sealed tournaments are quite interesting to me, but because there's no deck building it streamlines it down to just a nice pick up an play system. Plus, my favourite thing in the other major card game MtG was always Conspiracy Drafts.


One of the things I saw, about how they're addressing balance and such, is a type of tournament where the round is split into three:

1st Game: Each player plays with their own deck

2nd Game: Each player swaps decks. This means that if one deck is far worse than the other, it's not a free win

3rd Game: Whichever deck you want to use, you bid chains against your opponent to get it. That way, if there's a really strong deck again, you'll probably playing with a handicap for the whole game to try and redress balance.

I'm planning on testing this out over the weekend at some point, but I might not get round to it until next week.


I have a few decks, managed to get a Horseman deck as my first pull which has probably-almost-certainly made me quite biased towards it being fun.

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