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[Written] Destiny HERO - Demolisher


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Destiny HERO - Demolisher

lv 4 DARK


When this cards Normal or Special Summoned: you can destroy cards on your opponents side of the feild up to the number of DARK "HERO" monsters you control excluding this card. You can only activate this effect of "Destiny HERO - Demolisher" once per turn.

ATK/1800 DEF/500


So Demolisher is similer a D-HERO that takes the Spell/Trap destruction effect of Stratos and takes it to a new level as this card can destroy any card but with this its limited to the number of DARK HERO's rather than any HERO on the field so effectively limiting it to Destiny HERO's with the DARK Xtra HERO's and Vision HERO's. In addition with its 1800 ATK it allows Dystopia to deal a bit more damage through its effect while you have this in your grave.


In Destiny HERO's this card effectively can be used as a later game card for summoning it or used as Fusion/Link Material to summon your Fusion and Link monsters where with Crossguy, it allows this to at least destroy 1 card when this revived by Crossguys effect.

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