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Sage Knight Ritual (triad)


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Kinda confused with captain 1st effect. Is it negate its own effect or meant to negate effects that target it? 2nd effect seems too expensive cost for just stat boost effect


Well ritual spell is pretty restrictive considering there no other virtus monster and the ones we have can't be searched easily. Equip effects is not really amazing yet not the worst thing ever (given this boost the ritual up to 6000)


the ritual itself ok though its easy to be played.

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@ jolly Captain Virtus is meant to switch its own battle position, then negate the rest of its own effect until the end phase if targeted by any card effects, just realized I forgot to specify targeted by card effects as well. As for his second effect, I figured he has enough ATK/DEF for it to be balanced as a more situational utility. I may be adding more support for the archetype to make Virtus Monsters more available, but I think too much could get OP.

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Pretty hard to comment on a set so steeped in personal lore, but I can agree with Jolly Glot for the most part mechanically wise. At the moment, your Ritual Spell requiring a Virtus means you have to draw all 3 of these cards, or at least 2 Ritual Monsters with the Ritual Spell, to make it viable. You could be expanding it later, but as it stands...yeah.

The paying of LP AND discarding seems like an odd combination for a theme, but it's at least unique, if wordy, so I'll give it that. You can definitely let go of the reins a little on your Captain, as a mere 600 ATK boost for a discard and some sweet LP is underwhelming. 600 is pittence, but it is something, and losing a card from your hand really hurts your advantage, so you could get away with a 1000 ATK or DEF boost at least even with dropping the LP.


Ritual Spell has the potential to become good if the set expands, but right now it's not too bad. Ritual Summons a monster and gives it a bonus? Tbh I'm surprised it's a Ritual Spell at all, and not just a Normal Spell that Special Summons from the Deck. But if you want Tributes, you have Tributes.

Your Ritual Monster itself is really decent, actually. Does the sword keep him alive in the campaign too? Anywho, the last effect should probably have something nicknamed "hard once per turn" by us card designers: "You can only use this effect of "x" once per turn." which extends to multiple copies of the card, because regular "Once per turn" unfortunately extends only to that specific card, and changing location (i.e. going to the GY or back to the hand) make the game considered that card to be a new and different version of itself, so any once per turn restrictions sort of just...reset.

[spoiler=OCG fixes, if you want]Surprisingly decent, with mostly just some more complex fixes here and there. You would do well to read up on how semicolons and colons work, especially mechanically, in this helpful thread here. You can read more if you want to learn, but section 5 is the most important one imo, closely followed by 6 and 7.

If this card is targeted by a card effect: Change this card's battle position, and this card's other effect is negated until your next Main Phase. Once per turn, at the start of your Battle Phase: You can discard 1 Spell Card and pay 600 LP, then activate 1 of the following effects.
- Increase this card's ATK by 600 until the end of this Battle Phase
- Increase this card's DEF by 600 until the end of your opponent's next End Phase.

This card is used to Ritual Summon "Sage Knight Virtus Amnon". You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels are equal to or exceed 8, including at least 1 "Virtus" monster. While this equipped to "Sage Knight Virtus Amnon", the equipped monster gains 300 ATK for each monster of a different attribute in either GY. If the equipped monster attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent.

Just for your last monster, before I give a definite solution; paying LP has only ever happened at the activation of an effect (between colon and semicolon, if there is the former), so paying LP and discarding a card mid-effect for the Special Summon is a bit weird. You have 2 options here:
1-lose LP instead of paying it, or take damage.
2-make the equipping a separate effect that happens when Special Summoned by that effect (i.e. its own colons/semicolons)


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@ dova Thanks for the fixes and review, I'll have to think more a little more about Captain's balancing and effect wording and then I'll get to fixing the OCG on the card images themselves. There are also a lot more cards to the set that aren't complete/don't have images yet that I'm working on currently as well, and they will be slowly added to this thread as they are completed.


Also, regarding The Sword of Sages in the games lore, it does in fact give him the ability to essentially cut himself out of the pre-death dimension and back into the physical world, returning 3 days after he dies through a (self-repairing) dimension wound that he opens at the spot where the sword would be physically, as long as he "died" with the sword in hand or at least on his person, but this does not prevent him from dying of age, or for example, if he "died" and the sword ended up at the bottom of the ocean or something (almost happened once after he got stealth-crit for 600 damage and got chomped in half by a megalodon while hanging off a dragon's tail just above the water haha) it could trigger an endless cycle of returning to drown or get crushed by the ocean unless Virtus would decide to stay dead.

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