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[Written] Utopic Linktopia


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Utopic Linktopia


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1 Level 4 Effect Monster

Cannot be used as Link Material for a Link Summon. When a "Utopia" Xyz monster is Xyz Summoned to a zone this card points to: attach 1 Level 4 monster from your Deck to the summoned monster as Xyz Material. When any player's monster declares an attack: you can tribute this card; negate that attack. You can only Summon 1 "Utopic Linktopia" per turn.

ATK/500 LINK-1


So Linktopia is a Link 1 monster that focus on Utopia and Level 4 monsters as it can be summoned off 1 Level 4 effect monster and each time you summon a Utopia and Rank it up, it gains an additional Xyz material in the form of a Level 4 monster from your deck. Finally its last effect allows it to tribute itself to negate any attack.


While this card is ideal in any Deck using Level 4 effect monsters it also can be powerful in Utopia decks where you can first make this, make Utopia Double (get a Xyz Material so its on 3), get Double or nothing and go into Utopia (5 Xyz Material), up into Ray or Prime (7 Material) and finally go into Utopia the Lightining (9 Xyz Material). Then with that you have a Lighting that can use its effect 4 times where you can also tribute this with any prior form and combo Double or Nothing with it.

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