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[Written] Emergency Reinforcement


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Emergency Reinforcement

Quick-Play Spell Card

Activate this card while your opponent controls 2 or more monsters and you control only 1 or no monsters. Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your deck in Defence Position. You can only activate "Emergency Reinforcement" once per turn.


So Emergency Reinforcement is a Spell Similer to A HERO Lives and Unexpected Dai where it summons a monster from your deck but requires you instead of just control no monsters (or only 1 in the case of this card) also have your opponent control 2 or more monsters in order to be activated. In addition it also summons that monster in defence and has a hard OPT Clause in order to avoid it being abusable with link spam. Finally this card is also a quick play where it can be used to summon a monster from your deck to protect your life points.


Ideally in any deck that can effectively use it as well as against opponents with monster heavy spam decks this card would be a nice addition as it would help set up both offence and defence.

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