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Labyrinth Game~

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Here's an idea I had.

Based on the Labyrinth duel of the Paradox brothers.


[spoiler=Field Map]





[spoiler=How to use cards in this Map]

-The solid Blue and Red corners are the spawn areas. You must play cards from there and then move them into the labyrinth. Your opponent cannot move into those zones of the map with their monsters.


-A monster can move a number of zones up to its Level/Rank.


-You cannot jump over monsters.


-To attack an opponent's monster, your zones must be right next to each other (with no walls in-between).


-You can bump into your own monsters and have them move a number of spaces up to the remainder of what the pushing monster would have been able to move, but monsters pushed cannot move on their own for the rest of the turn. (Example: Level 8 Blue-Eyes moves 3 spaces and bumps into your Level 1 Kuriboh, now that Kuriboh can move up to 5 more, but it can't perform its 1 space movement afterwards if it does).


-Link Monsters cannot move on their own (but can be bumped).

-Zones pointed by your Link monsters become warping points. You can teleport a monster from a zone your link points to, to another zone one your link(s) point to. This ability ignores walls.


-Effects cannot affect anything that's past the walls. Even a "destroy the field" effect will only reach in all directions of the Labyrinth up until walls get in the way. (Note: Only walls, other cards do not present an obstacle for effects).


-Terms Row and Column remain the same. Columns are vertical arrangements of zones, and even something like Tiamaton or Mekknights will only reach up to where walls get in the way.


-Cards like Jinzo, Domain of the Monarchs, Skill Drain, etc. can only affect affect areas until walls get in the way. So around Domain for example, you cannot Summon from the Extra Deck, and cards Summoned this way cannot advance towards the affected area either.


-Zones have no distinction. Field Zones, Monster Zones, S/T Zones are all capable of being used in either of these ways. You can even have more than 1 field at a time, and there's no Extra Monster Zone required here.


-To Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Link, or Tribute Summon, you can drop these directly inside the labyrinth, but the material/Tributes must be right next to each other with no wall in-between them, and the Extra Deck monster will be dropped in a zone where either of its Tribute/Materials were at the time. In the case of Fusions and Rituals, it is the same but the Ritual/Fusion effect (if any) must also be there.


-Spell/Trap Cards must be attached to monsters (face-up or Face-down) from the spawn areas and move into the labyrinth. Monsters right next to each other can pass them around to help them move, and if the monsters leave the field, the cards will remain in that zone.

*They'll still be live so a dropped Bottomless or Raigeki will be able to be used on its own.
*Their owner will be able to pick them back up for movement if they pass by that zone with their monsters. For this it's not needed to stop in the zone, and it is not mandatory to pick them up if they do.

*Monsters can only carry 1 backrow like this at a time.
*Zones with dropped Spell/Trap Cards in them don't represent an obstacle for moving through those areas.


-Pendulums can only move around as monsters, and if treated as Scales, they will have to get carried around by monsters just like any other S/T. To Pendulum Summon, you will have to have 2 Scales with empty zones in-between (and no walls in the way). You'll be able to Pendulum Summon monsters from your hand right into the empty zones between the scales (must be in a straight line).

*You can only Pendulum Summon 1 monster from your Extra Deck at a time this way, unless Links point towards empty zones available for Pendulum Summon.


-Finally, the pale-colored zones (totally not color pencils) randomly scattered throughout the field are windows special kinds of effects.

If you are the red player, you must put any of your monsters into any of those special blue zones in order for your effects to be live if you want to:

*Attack directly by an effect.
*Affect your opponent's hand, Main Deck, Extra Deck, GY, or banished cards.
*Perform effect damage.

*Unleash a victory condition.

^The cards doing this in question don't need to be the ones in those zones, you just need to move something towards there.






[spoiler=Map Quest for both players]


I'll explain this from the perspective of the red player.


-Your first quest is to travel towards the red ( 1 ) circle on the map. Over there you'll find Kazejin.

This Kazejin cannot move, be Tributed, or be used as a material, but it is treated as a card from your opponent, and as such, your opponent can have it attack or change positions. 


-Once you defeat Kazejin (have it leave the field in any way), you'll be able to ignore the green walls of the labyrinth.


-The ( 2 ) circle on the map is Suijin, and defeating it much the same way will allow you to ignore the blue walls for the remainder of the duel. Though unlike with Kazejin, now there's a chance your opponent might have mobilized towards it to intercept you and support it.

-Defeating ( 3 ) Sanga of the Thunder will unlock the red walls on the map and allow you to ignore them.


-The defeated bosses become loot that you carry like you do any Spell/Trap. You can drop it, pass it around, and move around with it. If you move them to the ( 4 ) zone of the map, they stay there and become Gate Guardian. Defeating Gate Guardian will win you the game.



-The defeated guardian pieces can each bestow their effect once, as if it was the effect of the monster that is carrying them. This is single use for the guardian pieces, no matter how many times they get moved, passed around, dropped, or picked up. From their demise to the end of the game, once.


These cards, even though they are treated as opponent cards for most intents and purposes, don't result in LP damage to your opponent.





A bit long and probably complicated, but what do you think?

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