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Trying to make gerneric ("Yusaku Style") Cyberse

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I don't have much faith in my ability to make created card decks right now so I'm trying to make a cyberse deck. The format is TCG banned list with OCG cards added on and the cardpool is TCG/OCG, though Cynet Mining isn't available yet.





x2 SIM Tablir

x3 Clock Wyvern

x1 ROM Cloudia

x3 Lady Debugger

x2 Balancer Lord

x3 Cyberse gadget

x1 Widget Kid

x1 Cyberse Whitehat

x1 Dot Scaper

x1 Swap Priest

x2 Profibit Snake

x1 Cyberse Magician



x1 Soul Charge

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Upstart Goblin

x1 One Time Passcode

x1 Cynet Fusion

x1 Cynet Ritual

x2 Cynet Backdoor

x1 Cynet Codec

x1 Cynet Optimize



x3 Cynet Conflict

x3 Infinite Impermanence



x1 Cyberse Clock Dragon

x1 Encode talker

x1 zexcode talker

x1 Powercode Talker

x1 Shooting Code Talker

x2 Transcode Talker

x2 Code Talker

x1 Talkback Lancer

x1 Honey Bot

x1 Security Dragon

x1 Cyberse Witch

x1 Clock Spartoi

x1 Underclock Taker


As for the goal of the deck, I just want it to be able to keep up with other decks better then what I usually duel with. I've never tried to play this deck before so any advice is welcome.

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