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Historian Rutger Bregman: "@TuckerCarlson, why didn't you air the interview with me last night?"

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Bregman recorded the interview, here it is:



For me the quote "I tried to give you a hearing but you were too funking annoying" before indeed not airing the interview is telling of precisely how Tucker Carlson, who has garnered airtime on this forum as an advocate for free speech, actually feels about free speech. 


Why do you think the interview wasn't aired? 


Is it the duty of newspeople who purport to be pro-free speech to air their guests' opinions? If not, under what grounds might it be acceptable for them not to air or otherwise abridge an interview? 


Is it the duty of a guest or host to adhere to a certain code of conduct or etiquette in order to expect to be aired? Could this interview have been unaired as a result of a breach of such an understanding by either or both parties? Should this incident jeopardize Tucker Carlson's credibility and/or job? Why or why not?



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Bregman criticized how Carlson profits from billionaires, so Carlson lashed out and cursed at him. To then refuse airing the interview is the sort of censorship that Carlson himself would jump at the chance to condemn if anyone else did it. This was a gross negligence of his responsibilities as a journalist. To answer your question, I don’t think he had much credibility to begin with, and this will do little to help that.

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