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[Written] Draw and Dash


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Draw and Dash

Quick Play Spell Card

Draw 1 cards, then, target 1 monster you control; return the targeted card to your hand. During the turn you activated this card, you cannot summon monsters with the same name as the targeted monster.


So Draw and Dash is a Quick play spell that allows you to draw a card while retreating a monster you control back to your hand. Effectively you can use this with Extra Deck monsters like Link 1's to recycle them or with monsters that have effects that trigger upoin leaving the field like Absolute Zero.


Ideally this card can be best used to return any searcher you summoned back to your hand so you can resummons it to trigger its searching effect again.

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I would recommend a limitation that prevents the summoning of a monster with the same name as the returned monster the turn the cad is activated as to prevent potential abuse. Id est, self-bouncing often leads to degenerate combinations.

Fixed it by adding a clause preventing you from summoning the same monster during that turn.

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