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Login issues.



Can't believe had make a new account since i had trouble login in to my old account.


Here's the funny thing.  The site remembers my username and password, but when I tried to login it says my username and password is incorrect.  I tried to reset my password, but the e-mail doesn't get sent to my e-mail just winds up in limbo.


So if anyone wants to help me fix this my old username is bmhedgehog and can you send the password reset e-mail to bmhedgehog@@gmail.com instead of @excite.com.



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Login issues have been a problem for a bit, but the general users on here really can't do much to help you on that front (hence no responses).  I don't know if the moderators can do anything to help, but it can't hurt to PM some of them directly.  You might get a quicker response though by going to https://neocardmaker.com/forum/ and posting this question there as the mods of this site tend to frequent that one more often.


Good luck!

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