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[Remastered] Kingdom Duels

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[spoiler=Effect]Activate this card by making your LP 100. Target 1 Monster thats Banished or in your GY; Special Summon the targeted card ignoring its summoning conditions. (Quick Effect): you can banish this card face-down; all damage you would take this turn becomes 0. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to the activation of this cards effects. You can only use each effect of "Kingdom Duels" once per turn.



So this was a old custom card along with Kingdom Neos and Chaos Plasma from years ago where I revamped its effects to make it a Super Poly Level monster Reborn that sets you into what could be basically called Yu-Gi-Oh! Critical Mode. This is because this card sets your LP to 100 while having a protection effect that banishes it face-down in order to protect your from any damage while your LP are at that point that if you take any hit from a monster or card effect that its game over.


Also have some Kingdom Hearts OST to go with this to give you the feeling of how powerful this card can be.


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