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Twilight-Mage mixed with Lightsworn, looking for better DARK techs

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The format is OCG+TCG cards + customs, (usually) using the TCG banned list






x3 Each Twilight-Mage Monster




(The text at this link is slightly out dated, but its easily close enough to give you the idea)


other LIGHT monsters:


x3 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

x1 Felis, LIghtsworn Archer

x2 Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden

x3 Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn

x3 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner


other DARK monsters:


x3 Evilswarm Mandragora (I wanted a DARK monsters that I could special summon from my hand easily feel free to suggest something better)


x1 Tour Guide Form the Underword (feel free to suggest something better)

x2 Dark Resonator (for tourguide)



x3 Charge of the Light Brigade

x2 Twilight Treasure (see twilight mage link)

x3 Galaxy Cyclone

x1 Sacred Key of Time Rewinding https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/328262-leaderboard-jamesmuddy-vs-noel/ (Used with permission)

x1 Raigeki

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Scapegoat

x1 Called by the Grave

x2 Shuffle Reborn (retrain) (See screenshot above)



x2 Lost Wind

x1 Break Through Skill

x1 Escape Form the Different Dimension (see below)


Extra Deck:

x2 Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn

x1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (A DARK rank 4, feel free to suggest something better)

x1 Rising Sun Fang https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/366863-rising-sun-fang/?hl=%2Brising+%2Bsun+%2Bfang (Used with permission)

x1 Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion

x1 The Phantom Knights of Break Sword (For Tour Guide, feel free to suggest something better)

x1 Micheal, the Arch-Lightsworn

x1 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend

x1 Psyframelord Omega

x2 Decode Talker

x2 Lotus Magician (See screenshot here: https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/374855-ygopro-data-creation-for-custom-card-duels/)

x1 Borreload dragon

x1 Firewall Balanced Dragon (https://neocardmaker.com/forum/index.php?/topic/592-firewall-balanced-dragon/&tab=comments#comment-3177)



Escape From the Different Dimension

Continuous Trap

Activate this card by targeting 1 of your Banished Monsters; Special Summon that target. When this card leaves the field, destroy that target. When that target leaves the field, destroy this card.



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