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IPS Update Issues


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So obviously the site's just got a major update, which means there's bound to be issues, which I'll address here on my end. Anyone feel free to address yours here.

1. The textbox to post status updates in the main page is not showing for me.
2. Clicking "Reply" on a status only shows the pop-up for writing a response for one second before redirecting me to my profile. I tried turning off AdBlock Plus and I still run into this issue.
3. My custom usergroup was affected by the change. It was a bold New Courier with a rainbow gradient text color. As far as I know, Tormented had to code it himself, but if it can be fixed, then I would love that.
4. According to others, there seems to be formatting issues with spoilers and horizontal lines.

Those two seem to be my biggest issues so far. So @YCMaker if you're reading this, I'm sure you're doing your best to address what you can, but if anyone else is willing to share their issues, this should be a good reference for you for any individual or shared issues with this update.

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