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Krow Strikers

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Considering taking this to two regionals in January.

Monsters: 11

3 Raye

3 Radian

3 Crow

1 Skull Meister

1 Goldriver

Spells: 29

3 Allure of Darkness

3 Called by the Grave

3 Engage

3 Area Zero

2 Cosmic Cyclone

2 Foolish Burial Goods

2 Mind Control

2 Shark Cannon

1 Widow Anchor

1 Multirole

1 Afterburners

1 Jamming Waves

1 Terraforming

1 Upstart Goblin

1 Hornet Drones

1 Metalfoes Fusion


Built to blind second.

D.D. Crow: Great against Orcust and the mirror match. Has uses against most decks this format as well. Dark for Allure of Darkness. 

Radian: Dark attribute Kaiju for Allure. Important for using this to get rid of I:P Masq before she can use her effect. Outs annoying boards in general.

Skull Meister: Plays under Babel better than Crow does. Dark attribute for Allure. Considering 2 of this.

Goldriver: This card is an amazing tech. I can pop Area Zero with this to fetch myself a Raye and Metalfoes Fusion to send off another Area Zero/Multirole. Also good to set Metalfoes Fusion and combine it with Jamming Waves to put Fusion in the GY and get rid of an opponent's monster. Clears Phantazmay from my MMZ in games 2 and 3 if sided in. Also clears Gameciel from my board in the mirror match (common in Strikers now)

Cosmic Cyclone: Plays around Dingirsu. Getting rid of Crescendo and Babel without them reoccurring is important. 

Afterburners: Considering dropping and putting in a 3rd Shark Cannon or 2nd Skull Meister. Never been a fan of this card honestly. Jamming Waves does it all the same without targeting.

Avramax: Don't make him often. Mostly in here to abuse my opponent's I:P Masq in their GY with Shark Cannon to make my own beast of an Avramax.

Unchained Abomination: Great verse control decks. This card gave me a reason to play bad cards like Afterburners.


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