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[MTG , Written] Malbonded, Juna | Mutation Commander, first time customizing MTG card


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Malbonded, Juna

CMC 3: G,U/W,R/B

Legendary Creature - Nightmare Druid

X: Exile up to X target non-land permanent with converted mana cost X or less from the battlefield or graveyards. Activate this ability only any time you could cast sorcery unless X is 5 or more

You may cast permanent you own that exiled with Malbonded, Juna ability without paying its mana cost but you can only cast one permanent that cast without using its mutate ability each turn


what do you think @Godbrand ?

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You put in fair restrictions into it.

It's low to ground CMC and has access to all colors, it has the commander win condition built right in (cEDH players will like that) 

It cheats something it exiles (Requires the creature on the battlefield which makes it fair also once per turn is good.)

It's open ended so you build and strategize numerous ways using this card as the focal point. (Imporant for commander format and good for other formats as well.)

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