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Doremichord Solfagea [Written]

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Doremichord Solfagea
Link: DL, D, DR
3 "Doremichord" monster
If this card was Link Summoned while you have 2 Pendulum Cards in your Pendulum Zone, you can make 1 additional Pendulum Summon this turn. This card, and all Pendulum monsters this card points to gain ATK equal to the difference of the Pendulum Scales of the Pendulum Cards in your Pendulum Zones x 100. If this card would be sent to the GY, return this card to the Extra Deck instead. You can only Link Summon "Doremichord Solfagea" once per turn.
ATK/2800 LINK-3

So Solfagea named after the Solfège that Doremico comes from is a Link that with 3 Doremicord monsters and having 2 Pendulums in your Pendulum Zone allows you to make an additonal Pendulum Summon and can also boost itself and the Pendulums based on the difference in the Pendulum Scale which with Doremicord is currently 7 for 700 ATK at the most. Also like Pendulum monsters if it were to leave the field it returns to the Extra Deck instead of being sent to the GY.

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I like this card. Cost a bit steep but the archetype is a dedicated pendulum with mat's summons that cannot be countered so not much of a setback. The second pendulum summon on 3 open zone is good as hell, Its also reusable high value rating for things like Accesscode.

That being said, the atk boost is a bit too high IMO especislly since its also boost herself that already started with 2800, also the lack of inclusion of Odd/Even scale gimmick seems weird

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I must say, considering the archetype is barely being revealed, it's impressive Thomas already made support for them, good going. I want to point out, though, that at least according to this source in YGOrganization, the archetype is called "Doremichord", so minor nitpick to correct here in the card's name and effect.

About the effect, welp, I agree with Jolly, double pendulum sounds pretty sick. I'm not saying I'm opposed to it, it just feel very powerful. Comparing this card to Zefraath, for example, which requires you to Tribute 3 Zefras to be Special Summoned and allows the double Pendulum Summoning, we got a Link which forcefully requires 3 materials. On op of that, this card is much lower in stats and doesn't have that brutal 1 Tribute 1 monster to Summon another from Deck.

I'm not as concerned as Jolly about the ATK increase, though. So far, Scales in Doremichords go from 1 to 8, meaning at max there would be 4 monsters gaining 700 ATK. It's strong, but considering the sick combos out there, I feel like this is green light n.n

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