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Draw 5... is it balanced?

Is this card balanced?  

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  1. 1. Is this card balanced?

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    • No

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No good, I'm afraid. There are few decks nowadays that doesn't use the Extra Deck, so it's either this card goes to one of the few (like Monarchs), or you pull it off with Pot of Extravagance/Pot of Prosperity, having twelve cards in the Extra Deck to banish them face-down with their effects. Then we move to the NO GY clause, which is even worse, making you almost forcefully run Dimensional Fissure or Macro Cosmos. And finally, since the card asks for 5 cards exactly, you got to have exactly those 5 cards left in the Deck, any less, you can't activate it, any more, and you lose...

It's almost impossible to fix the card, but in an attempt to do so while more or less staying true to the original effect, I suggest:

Draw up to 10 cards, also, after that, if you have cards in your Deck or GY, you lose the Duel.

Removed the Extra Deck requirement, doubled the draw power (like John suggested) and gave it flexibility so it's up to 10, which allows you to draw any number from 1 to 10 and try to win the duel after that.

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i vote no but for a more complex reason:

extreme drawback vs extreme value =/= balance

now the closest thing similar to this is certain MTG cards that give you extremely powerful effect and a auto lose penalty at the end of the turn its played. this card is different that i gives no window of usage between the draw and game losing condition. now at first this seems like weird so you might think: "the card have to be balance, why you let the window on? if there a window then the OTK/FTK ensue?" and you right if the effect of this card has any window then this card is straight +4 that fetch another copies of + which is bonkers. in MTG scenario with their own card that card is still good but the player has to paid that other cost of the combo while yugioh with lack of resource system would just explode in advantage even with +1 card (which include the legendary pot of greed).

"so the penalty is ok then..." well, no. the thing about cards you want the players to actually play them. this card with its inherent slowness as trap and that impossibly harsh auto lose is actually way to much of the drawback, no one play such card even with the +4 advantage. player that want to play this card is definitely want his/her OTK strategy to work. most yugioh community is whining about how the game is unbalance and riddle with otk. while the sentiment is understandable, they also forgot that most of OTK/FTK is usually glass cannon that able to disrupt. on that principle, its fair to say that unless the strategy has unfair number of protection you can just disrupt the combo before it happen

so we have the dilemma: the effect is ban-list worthy but the penalty make the card nigh unplayable. but IMO the answer is simple. the card will not have home, its either banned or trash at the same time thus the card fails at the one important point of being a card game: to be played

i have suggestion for replacement but it will radically change the card:

draw 4 cards then apply 1 of the following effect.

- shuffle 3 cards from your hand to your Deck

- you cannot activate [this card name] for the rest of this turn. also you lose the duel during the end phase of this turn

now it have 2 option, a safer +0 and that risky but no multi copies+3 hyper advantage for your intended OTK. i lower the advantage count a bit so that despite the controversial it wont fuel much of the hand traps so that opponent still have enough disruptions for all cards you fetch

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NOT VERY Good i will admit that Drawing 5 cards is good its a +4 but I hate the That you lose the Duel if you have cards more the 5 cards in your Deck you can't even bring in Extra Deck nor have cards in your GY this card sucks i hate Lose the Duel Cards there nothing but a gimmick but i won't bash on you for this one but the draw backs are to much and far too harsh... its not that I hate this card why don't make it instead that the player who uses this Skips the 5 or 6+ next of their Draw phases thats much better

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This card was made more as a fun talking piece and I kinda just made the title clickbait. The point of this card was always to be the last push to finish the game but a draw 5 was busted right? I figured that I'd make a gimmick card that would be incredibly restrictive and volatile. If the card was any ACTUAL good it would be banned right? Going +4 is insane in yugioh but I agree that it can be more playable than it's first incarnation, but like clearly not TOO much more playable so I made a second version with two buffs, 1 its a spell, 2 its UP TO 5 cards instead of five exactly, 3 I made it so you lose at the end of the turn, and as a nerf to go with the third change I made it so you can no longer dra I thought that aligning the stars to make this work could be fun but I feel like as long as you dont have an extra deck or GY, how bad could this card really get? Also for Zamazenta I changed it so it doesn't say "Lose the Duel" now it just MEANS that you lose the duel. 😜


Last Parade

Draw up to 5 cards. For the rest of this turn after this card resolves; you cannot draw any cards by card effects. If you have any cards in your Deck, GY, or Extra Deck at the end of the turn; Banish all cards in your hand, on your side of the field, in your GY, and in your Extra Deck.

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