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LoF Card Tales

LoF CardTales

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hope you are keeping well and safe!

I would like to recommend a new card game that plays very much like a RPG, and thus a good adaptation for Board Games.


Imagine all those RPG that you love; the excitement with real-time combat, and the strategic reward in making the right choice at the right time! 

Of having the different classes and capitalising on their strengths in battle? 

The anticipation of all happening simultaneously while you have nanoseconds to decide and make the next move…

But what if you had a card game that could emulate this unique experience?  “LoF: Card Tales” aims to do just that. 


I am currently working on the game with very limited available publicly, but ready to demo the game if anyone would like to try.

Reach out on the thread Or message me directly with your interest and we can setup a Demo.

Here's how I genuinely see the game; happy to take critics once you try it out!


Some of the issues addressed, making ‘LoF: Card Tales’ a unique TCG, are:

- No mana screw / mana flood

- Truly countless strategies, with no genuine power creep, as each Hero (3 per game) have their inherent strengths and weaknesses – irrespective of what cards you play

- Realistic opportunity to play all cards of your deck (all you assembled to use), minimising chance of not ever getting to see the best cards

- Game turns happen simultaneously, without the drawback of cards not impacting gameplay. Also, a game cannot drag endlessly as there are limited turns to test your wits.

- Rather than Card Quantity, there is a focus on Card Quality so that all players can be on par at a start of a Game and enjoy putting their Heroes to the test


See you on the battlefield!


Card Structure.jpg

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Hello, fine person!

I'm always interested in trying out a new style of card game.  I do have several questions though:

  • How do you win?
  • If there's a limited number of "turns", but the game acts as a RTS, then how are turns calculated?
  • What platform are you using to test this? (I have my own game design, but I am not sure how to go about making cards on an online platform to playtest)
  • What role does the player have in the game (if any)?  (for example, in MtG, the player is a plainswalker.  In Yugioh, they are a Wizard summoning monsters.  In Pokemon, you are a trainer, etc.  Does the player have a role in the game, or is the player acting as a spectator over the fight?)
  • Just from the cards shown, I assume this game uses a modern theme/time period?  Will all the Heroes be humans?

I'll have to reserve judgment on anything else until I receive further explanation, but it sounds like it could be really fun depending on how well fleshed out it is.


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