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Spider-Man: No Way Home


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I had only watched a little over half of the previous spiderman movies so no expert but still had a fair amount of spidey in my head prior. Loved the movie. It does have a lot of winks to those movies but it doesn't ruin the movie to not know of them.

A couple things Tobey and Andrew lived they briefly mention in the movie, and fans will remember them from their respective movies, but you don't NEED to see the details for it to still work, after all, newcomers have a bit of an aid in the form of, well.... the fact they are parallel versions of each other so you sorta can relate them to each other and still get some weight off of things.

I'm trying to not get spoilery here but yah.

One more thing, if you follow the MCU, there are 2 different post-credit scenes.

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