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I'm done for a while

Liam Bechtel

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Y'know...for as long as this community has been nice to me...I suddenly hit my breaking point with making cards...Years ago I was bullied nonstop by moderators and regular users for a long time...so much that I became consumed by thirst for revenge...I just relived it to someone else just yesterday approximately 19 hours ago. So I'm gonna take a backseat for a while...if you want to help a brother out...message me on either this account or Phantasm...I'll give ideas to anyone who wants to make them in my place during my sabbatical. Until the, so long for now from the making scene and lmk if you wanna help me. Ciao!


It tore right through me like a bullet to the chest,

Cut me deeper then a knife against the neck,

I'm Suffocating, will I ever catch my breath?

Fighting the Undertow, Dragging me down below

But I'm Unkillable!

- No Resolve Unkillable

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