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Rush Deck... for Goat Format?

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1 Luster Dragon (LEGEND)
3 Faith Bird
3 Sylphidra
2 Excutie Lumiere
2 Cyber Dragon
3 Legend Magician


3 Card Devastation
3 Parallel Birth Gate
3 Ghost Cyclone
3 Legend Strike
1 Graceful Charity (LEGEND)
3 Following World


3 Card Reprint
3 Nobody Scat Thief
3 Primordial Slash
1 Mirror Force (LEGEND)



1 Excutie Lumiere
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Barrier Statue of the Inferno
2 Whispering Fairy
2 Yokai Tiger Orient Strike
1 Ring of Storms
1 Dark Hole (LEGEND)
3 Pot of Arrogance
3 Boost Rescue


Hello, fine peoples!

A locals friend of mine agreed to try something pretty funky.  He'd use his Goat Format deck and I'd build myself a Rush Deck and we'd play.  I initially thought I'd use the Rush ruleset and he'd use the Master Duel ruleset, but I thought that'd give me too much of an advantage.  Instead, I designed this Rush deck to work under the Master rules: 1 draw, 1 Normal Summon, 5 monster/spell/trap zones, etc etc.

This means that I would have some distinct disadvantages.  For example, I wouldn't be able to easily access a lot of Rush's more versatile Level 5+ monsters.  Furthermore, Rush's monster ATK/DEF values are lower than Master Duel's.  I also don't really have interaction.  ...also 1-for-1 monster removal is hard to come by.  ...also, also... Well, you get it.  Lots of disadvantages.

To counter this, I decided to pull out the stops and use some cards that are okay in Rush, but would be really strong in Goat Format:

  • Card Devastation - Make both players discard their hands, then I can boost 1 monster by 300 x the discarded cards until the end phase.  My main "win condition" card.  Ideally, if I open it on turn 1, I can play a few things then force the opponent into a topdeck war.  The boost effect can be surprisingly relevant sometimes as well.
  • Card Reprint - When the opponent attacks, draw until I have 5 cards in hand then reveal your hand and gain LP equal to the number of monsters x 200.  The card to help me win the battle of attrition.  The opponent may have 1-for-1 removal, access to nukes, better interaction, +1 cards, and stronger monsters... but I have a casual +4.  Given Spell/Trap removal is more scarce in Goat format, getting this off twice might actually be pretty likely.
  • Parallel Birth Gate - Send the top card of my deck to the GY, then, if I have no cards in hand, Special Summon up to 2 Normal monsters from Grave.  A +1 monster revive is a stronger topdeck than a lot that Goat can offer and so it pairs extremely well with Devastation.  It does force me into Normal monsters, but Normals are the ones with the highest stat totals for Level 4 and below.
  • Pot of Arrogance - If you haven't activated any spells this turn, draw 2, also, you are locked out of spells for the rest of the turn.  Unfortunately, I had to leave the card in the side.  The spells are the most crucial aspect of the deck, but a +1 is a +1. Especially helpful in a topdeck situation, and I figured if Goat wants to use 1 Pot of Greed, I might as well have 3 Pots of Greed.

Essentially, what the deck wants to do is out-control the control format, using bigger advantage swings to compensate for all the disadvantages.  Will it work?  I should know tomorrow!


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Got to get in one duel with my friend before locals started.  Funnily enough, the decks DID end up being very comparable.  I lost the duel by deck out, HOWEVER I had 2000 LP to his 400.

Most of the duel was a stalemate: I couldn't get past his Spirit Reaper(s), while he couldn't beat over my 2k ATK normal monsters.

If we had time for a match, I would absolutely have sided in "Yokai Tiger Orient Strike" (Shuffle 2 monsters from GY to deck; destroy an opponent's monster with 1600 or less DEF if opponent has 5+ Spells in GY), and "Dark Hole".  Maybe "Ring of Storms" to interfere with his GY, but that was less of a priority.

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Update 2:

Played a bunch of matches with my friend after locals.  I believe we had a tied record or he may have won 1 more game than I did, but overall the whole thing seemed extremely evenly matched.

After he saw the power cards I was using, he slowly began to adapt to 'em, which felt fair.  I ended up siding in Dark Hole for Graceful Charity, a third CyDra for a Nobody Scat Thief, and 2 Yokai Tiger Orient Strike for both the Excutie monsters (since he didn't use Level 7s or 8s).  After that, I felt as though I had a reasonable amount of outs while not sacrificing too many things that gave me an advantage.


2 things of note after all those games:

Heavy Storm is a terror.  For a Goat Format deck, backrow removal is actually pretty hard to come by, so I was usually pretty happy laying my backrow out on the table (better than getting it sniped by Delinquent Duo or Spirit Reaper).  However, Heavy Storm invalidates 95% of my gameplan, especially if it's done before I can use Card Reprint.

The threat of my Card Devastation forced my friend to commit more to the board as well.  For stuff like backrow, this gave me a distinct advantage because backrow removal in Rush is pretty common. Ghost Cyclone and Legend Strike are the ones in this deck and both have further upside on top of popping backrow.


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