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Pure Evil Deck


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This Deck was based on the Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited List!


Pure Evil Deck




Monster Cards=23

Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy X2

Evil Hero Infernal Gainer X2

Evil Hero Malacious Edge X2

Elemental Hero Wildheart X2

Elemental Hero Sparkman X2

Elemental Hero Clayman X2

Elemental Hero Prisma X3

D.D. Warrior Lady X1

Destiny Hero Diamond Dude X2

Destiny Hero Dasher X2

King of the Swamp X3


Spell Cards=16

Dark Fusion X3

Dark Calling X3

Lightning Vortex X1

Monster Reborn X1

Miracle Fusion X3

De-Fusion X2

Reinforcements of The Army X1

Foolish Burial X2


Trap Cards=2

Mirror Force X1

Toriential Tribute X1


Fusion Deck=10

Evil Hero Malicious Fiend X1

Evil Hero Infernal Sniper X1

Evil Hero Lightning Golem X1

Evil Hero Inferno Wing X1

Evil Hero Wild Cyclone X1

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman X1

Elemental Hero Wild Wingman X1

Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster X1

Elemental Hero Thunder Giant X1

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