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Azuh's Ban List

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Doma The Angel of Silence

Sand Stone

Saber Slasher


Flame Ghost

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

Great Moth

Rude Kaiser

Two-Pronged Attack


Steel Ogre Grotto #1

Curse of Fiend

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon




Larvae Moth

Cocoon of Evolution

Dragon Capture Jar

The Inexperienced Spy


Red Medicine


Reaper of the Cards

Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

Shield and Sword

Performance of Sword

Elemental Hero Bubbleman



Petit Moth


Gravedigger Ghoul

Miracle Dig

Gate Guardian

Pumpking the King of Ghosts

Cyber Saurus

Paralyzing Potion

Stim Pack

Germ Infection

Dark Magician Girl



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shield and sword needs to banned it lets giant soldier have 2000 atk with only 3 stars




Also List Changes!


-Shield and Sword (Limited)

-Curse of Fiend (Banned)

-Dark Magician Girl (Semi)

-Gladiator Beast Gyzarus (Limited)

-Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon (Banned)

-Performance of Sword (Limited)

-Dokurider (Banned)

-Elemental Hero Bubbleman (Limited)

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Spirit of the Pharaoh decks will rule the meta with this list.


Think of it. You need to have 1 card, wait 3 turns after you set The First Sarcofag, and then you have an army of 5 Monsters, from which one is a beatstick!

It's a friggen +4!

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Use your common sense. If you're limiting The Inexperienced Spy, ban Ancient Telescope.


And on that note, why ban Flame Ghost? The only way he can be abused is with Sword of Dark Destruction. (Violet Crystal is somewhat situational anyway in my opinion, Umbra).

Ban Skull Servant instead and you get to kill a seriously broken theme altogether.

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