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Yu - Gi - Oh Z

The Dark Prince

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This is Yugioh Z. I need some duelist you can make how many you like. You have to show a picture of your Duelist or Kin ( the evil duelist). Here one of my.



Name: Yoshe Sea

Deck: Dragons Heaven and Hell Deck

Personality: Nice , Smart , and Hard Working


Favorite Card: Dark Destroyer Dragon

Bio: He a RA yellow at Duel Academy. He very smart. He 16.

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do i have to post a decklist or do i have to PM you the decklist

Name: Amin Sanori

Deck: Chaos Angel deck

Personality:Kind,hard working,smart.

Appearance:vndlbc.jpg(just ignore the sword)

Favorite Card: Chaos Angel Master

Bio:When he came to duel academy he was put in slifer red but he wears black clothes not the slifer red outfit,he didn't care that he was put in the lowest dorm he just loves to duel.

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Name: Ace Yuki

Deck: Nightmare Hero

Personality: Just like his brother, Jaden's.

Appearence: Hair is in the style of Chazz, but turn it around. Wears an orange and white jacket.

Favorite Card: Chaos Nightmare Assasin

Bio: Jaden's younger brother, Ace. He's a rebellious kid who uses the Nightmare Hero set. Like Jaden, he can hear and see Duel Spirits. But he usually causes trouble, not like Jaden, who gets into trouble. Altough he's in Ra Yellow, he wears his trademark orange and white jacket.

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Name: Jax

Deck: Archfiend Massacre

Personality: No one has ever known him personally

Favorite card: Graceful Charity

Bio: Has never been close to anyone, he's right now the schools new card shop owner, however the card shop is usually closed since he spends most of his time on the schools roof. He's Male and 46 years old



Sending deck list in a minute

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