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Changed my Legal Name

Careless Whisper

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Alright. This would be a news thread, but it's not really that important, I just want YCM to know that I have successfully changed my Legal Name. That's right, it cost alot of money, but I did it.


Why? You may ask.


Answer: Because I had the money to do it, I hated my old name, and I can't stand the nicknames.


I know what you're also about to say, "Waste of Money." Well, here's an early responce to that, I don't care. It's my money, I'll use the way I want to use it. Plus, I had enough money to do that, and still have enough left to pay for fixing my car. And yet, I still have enough money so I continue to fend for myself, like paying rent, paying for my own Groceries, and also paying for any other stuff I may want.



Anyway, on to the point...I have changed my Legal Name from Zach Morgan, to Meti Morgan. I cannot change my last name because that takes more money than trying to pay for a house. When changing your first name, just needs a few $100 and you need to find the right person.


Anyway, for now on, my Legal name is Meti Morgan.


Just giving the latest news about me. A mod can lock this if it's not really that worth it, or just move it to the News section if it really just belongs there.

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Guest KAJN

Giving nicknames? you've changed the only greatest thing that your parents gave and I can't believe you've changed it because they just gave you names.

Anyway I'm like TKill, your old name sounds better.

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Well, I had to pay money because I'm not 18 yet. And I did use someone at the State Legal Office, I have a very good friend who works there. She's also the one who helped get my family into America. But, I guess when she's your Aunt, and she's very close to the GA Senators and the House of Representatives, or well close to the Government enough that it comes pretty easy for me and my family.


And I just hate all nicknames, except when Meti was my nickname, because it had nothing to do with "Zach", anyway, I change my legal name to Meti and I don't want to be hassled about it.



~Meti (Red Wings Won The Stanley Cup WOOT!!)

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