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[align=center]I was working on my thread: Mass Member Tribute [MMT]...


And I thought it would be neat...


to make a unique contest...


based on my thread...


So your job is: [rules]


1) To make at least a 5 card set of at least 1 person whom you believe needs to be recognized...

2) The cards [tributes] must be able to fit into the realistic card section, which means:

a) No over or under poweredness. It's attack and defense can't be impossibly strong and undefeatable.

b) Can't be to much similar to a real card [effects are okay], but there are some exceptions. [such as Spirit of the D.M.G = Dark Magician girl, but most cards made for him / her are different images of the Dark Magician girl that hasn't been seen.

3) The best cards, or ones that deserve recognition are added to my Mass Member Tribute thread.

4) My rating:


2/2 = Image

2/2 = Interest

2/2 = OCG

1/1 = Uniqueness

1/1 = Title

2/2 = Member [if he / she really deserves it].


5) Prizes:


1st = 4 reps and place in my Tribute thread.

2nd = 1 rep and 50 points and possible place in thread.

3rd = 100 points.

Prize of Recognition [could be more than one person] = 1 rep and place in thread ^^.


6) End date: June 20th

winners announced: June 22nd

prizes handed out: June 22nd - June 25th


Well good luck and hope you enter and enjoy the contest.


First = Dhpo

Second = Marshmallon King

Third = Ultimate Ryan

Place of Recognition = Doom Wraith / God Pikachu



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To Marshmallon King, for making member tributes. Pic is my art. ^_^



To Chronos Crowler, for being cool. ^_^


Effect: When this card is Tribute Summoned successfully, remove from play all "Slifer Slacker" monsters on your opponent's side of the field. During your opponent's second Standby Phase after this card was Tribute Summoned, Special Summon all cards removed from play by this card's effect. Once per turn during your Standby Phase, you can discard 1 card to add 1 "Ancient Gear" monster from your Deck to your hand.


To Phantom Ruler ^_^ He's my friend.



To Titus, we started making Metal cards and had lotsa fun with it. ^_^



To Clariex ^_^ Because she can rack up posts so fast. XD


Here's the effect if you can't read it, it suits her because she can rack up posts quickly: During your Standby Phase, place 100 Post Counters on this card. You can remove all Post Counters on this card to lower the ATK of 1 of your opponent's monsters equal to the amount of Post Counters you removed. When this card is destroyed by a card effect, place 1000 Post Counters on 1 face-up "Clariex" on your side of the field.


Disclaimer: None of these pictures are my art (except the first one) and I use the pictures only to make my cards more realistic.

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entry reserved.....ill post them now actually:

this card's a beauty, like spirit...lolz but yea...i think this is my best one


next one up, another contest card really, but yea


next up, my best friend, also a five star


next up, he makes awesome cards, sets and virtually anything!


last but not least, the legendary......



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Awesome~!!! Halfway Point Rating!





Marshmallon King


Image 1.8/2

Interest 2/2

OCG 1.7/2

Uniqueness .6/1

Title .8/1

Member 2/2


He has a. : 8.9


That's really good ^^





Image 1.6/2

Interest 1.5/2

OCG 2/2

Uniqueness .7/1

Title .8/1

Member 2/2


UltimateRyan has a: 8.6 Pretty Good ^^




Image 1/2

Interest 1.5/2

OCG 1.7/2

Uniqueness .6/1

Title .6/1

Member 2/2


So GriffinUserName has a: 7.4 Doing good





Image 2/2

Interest 1.7/2

OCG .8/2

Uniqueness .8/1

Title .7/1

Member 2/2


SBamber has a: 8 [sorry about taht...had to rerate =S]


Thanks everyone so far!

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