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So, I've been watching the subtitled Yugioh episodes, lately, and, according to the ones I have, Yugi was told that if he defeated Pegasus that he would be given control of 60% of Industrial Illusions' shares. I don't seem to see it mentioned anywhere else, though (though I haven't watched all the subbed episodes yet) and the battle with Otogi seems to disprove it. So, I'm curious to know, was it something that was forgotten or something? Or was the subs just misquoting? (which, considering the quality of the subbing, or lack of same, is entirely possible.)

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No' date='you honestly believe that a multi-billionaire would give away a majority of his company shares as a prize to some kid.The only prize was the huge sum of money.




No, I didn't honestly believe that. That's why I asked about it.


*Sighs.* I need better subs...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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