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All Legandery Pokemon Put Together

Joe Riglar

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All the legendarys with wings.


Rigigigas Base


Rayquaza Tail


Palkia Registeel Darkrai & Regirock arms


Arceus yellow arms


Groudon's head


Suicune cape


Manaphy head thing


Deoxys tenticles


Rotoms Bolts


Shaymin Bush


Dialga head spikes

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It is a total abomination. Is it legal to chop up pokemon and sew them together like that? >.<


Anyway, it looks like a jumbling mess of pokemon stitched up and sewn together, then sent into a complete random jumbling mess upon eachother. Twice. Then the Terminator came in and blew up the world and this is the result.

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Guest JoshIcy

@Umbra: LOL!


but sadly what he says is true... if you didnt say pokemon im afraid i wouldnt know what this is :|


Off Topic: Im still excited that i past 3k posts :shock:

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