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Deck making contest (Finished) Results are in!


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Okay, this is my second contest. There shall be 16 contestants. Then there shall be 8 1 vs. 1 maches. Then 4 1 vs. 1 maches. then 2 1 vs. 1 and then the finals. I use the same deck in every part.



Rules are normal. This time you just have to make a deck of 40-50 cards. You can use real cards (like Monster Reborn.... And so on) but ONLY 20 at maximum. The litller you use real cards, the better points you get. The deck must have some theme and it has to support itself. All decks will be reviewed before the dueling actually starts.




1: 4reps

2: 2 reps

3: 10 points



1: Dhpo [Waiting]

2: TheGreatUnknown [Cleared]

3: Simplicity Ninja [Waiting]

4: Killa Ace [Cleared]

5: JLethal [Cleared]

6: ultimateryan [Waiting]

7: 「tea.leaf」[Cleared]

8: Dark Edo Phoenix [Waiting]

9: lalolalo [Waiting]

10: tommers2008 [Cleared]

11: Kei-kun [Waiting]

12: Enigma Zero [Cleared]

13: 555888999 [Waiting]

14: Dark_Caius [Cleared]

15: Sam Litch [Quited]




1: me

2: IAmTheAeonClock


End date is at 25 of June and I shall judge in 26 of june, because of the different times of other lands. Hope you like end date more this time :D. If many haven't posted their decks, I can longer it :)


Have fun card/deck making ^_^ (this is an order!) lol...

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I'll enter ^_^ As per your invitation.


Are you also going to be judging the fairness of the cards? After all, you're asking us to make a deck of mostly our own stuff. Gotta make sure the people here don't come up with something too broken o_0

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tealeaf: no, your not :(.

Enigma Zero: Yes, you will mach 1 on 1. and this time i make a clearer end date :D

IAmTheAeonClock: Yes, Im going to judge the fairness of the cards. But that isnt so importand ;)

ultimateryan: Umm.... This is a stupid question but.... WHAT DOES GOD MODDING ACTUALLY MEAN?

lol... yea, im lol....


May I have your attention please!(lol...) IAmTheAeonClock shall now on help me with judging!

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