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Pokemon Platinum- Discussion

Lazer Yoshi

Will you get or rent this game?  

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Hello YCM people. I have got great news for Poke-Fans. I am subscribed to Pokemon Beckett, as I use it's Yugioh section XD. But, I read the news article. In 2009, "Pokemon" Platinum Version will be on the shelves. It is the sequel to Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl. The cover shows Giratina, which is why it's called Platinum. You can play as a new trainer wearing a green coat, and Pokemon can have different dances whey they come out to battle or are found. So far in Japan, it's a hit. This thread was made to discuss about this game, and what you think it will be like. Im thrilled. I bought a DS to play Pokemon actually. So, lets start discussing.

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Finally' date=' I've been waiting for this game for a long time. I'm going to buy this game as soon as it comes out, that is if I have enough money by then. I wonder if you find Giratina in a different place this time.



Yeah were you usually found Dialga and Penis Head

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@Bacon I seggest you watch your language because the members of YCM take things like that sereously


Now back on topic



Its Wiki.


As for me I'm not gunna buy it its just a waste of money.(If anything i will wait a couple years buy it at a Garage sale for cheap and get the ROM)


But The patern is typical







1st Gen: P|P|C|U|

2nd Gen: P|P|C|U|

3rd Gen: P|P|C|U|R|R|

4th Gen: P|P|C|U|R*|R*


*=Not proven but highley probable.

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