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Who here plays runescape?


you play runescape?  

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  1. 1. you play runescape?

    • ya
    • no

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Guest JoshIcy

I quit after feb... The new system, I didnt like it. It now allows newbies to control the market, and nice members cant be nice. Everything is restricted in the economy wide market, I depended on being nice and whatnot to make money. (Gave away full Rune[z] once because I was in the mood)....


The lack of open market, made me turn away.... So no I dont play.

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I used to play; About a year ago.

I found it pretty enjoyable, but you just have to find what's best for you =].

For example; I created a dummy account, leveled it a little, and decided to leg it through wildy with my friend.

You never know how funny it is to see your friend swearing while a level 50 stone golem's right behind him.


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