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Best Spider-Man Movie



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    • Spider-Man
    • Spider-Man 2
    • Spider-Man 3

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Spiderman three half killed me.

The whole time, My friend and I were just staring at the screen saying "This better have a pretty cut-sick ending, It must have a cut-sick ending."

I mean, You've got a guy made out of sand, and evil spiderman styled suit, and yet you receive drama. Pretty random, I think.

Overall, the second was probably the highlight, Since Doc Oc was pretty cut-sick, with eight arms and all. (Sorry for the abuse of the words "Cut-sick" By the way =].)


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Well, the first one wasn't great. I hate how movie stars always have to play people 8 years younger than them most of the time. It just makes the scene look ridculous. Also, Mary Jane's hair looks like ketchup.


The 2nd movie is my favorite.


The 3rd movie tries to pack in to much of a love story. Why Did they kill off Harry Osborn?

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Yeah third was pretty cool. And I think the announced they are making a Spider-Man 4 and 5

Ugh' date=' I wish they would just stop making them. They're ruining the stories and making just awful movies. Tobey Maguire is a terrible actor, and is especially terrible trying to do this role. I dare say he's even worse than Hayden Christensen, which is saying something since Hayden is pretty bad in what I've seen him in (*cough*Star Wars*cough*). Directors ruin great stories by making the movies with terrible actors >_<


[/rant']Sorry, this is just something that really gets me.

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