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Meti's New Member Card Contest (LOCK Plz. This is not going too well anymore)

Careless Whisper

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Alright, now, for my 3rd ever YCM Card Contest, I will have participants choose their best YCM Friend, that is still active on YCM today and make a Member Card For them. Now, as you know, I don't just have you make cards, I have you make tributed to them. And just like last time, you are to write something. BUT!!, this time you get to choose what style of writing you can do.


There are three Choices of Writing Styles:


Poem (4Stanzas, 4Lines in each Stanza)

Haiku (5 Syllabol, 7 Syllabol, 5 Syllabol*excuse my spelling*)

Short Story. (Atleast 5 Paragraphs)


Now, for the rules:

-Card Rules:

--Please do not insult the member you have chosen.

--Please try your best.

--The Card MUST be a member card for a member other than yourself.


-Writing Rules:

--Do not insult.

--Use proper grammer, spelling, and punctuation.(I will count off.)

--Do not use profound language, themes, or other innappropriate things.

--Try your best.




-Card Grading:

--How well use of OCG you have,

--How unique and not overused the picture is.

--How well balanced the card's effect is.

--How well the name of the card fits to the chosen member's likings.


-Writing Grading:





--How well it appeals to the chosen member.




When I have all 10 Spots filled out, I will then ask a Moderator to make a Poll with each participant as a choice. People participating may not vote within this poll. The only ones who will, are people who are not participating. I will have final say, but I forgot to mention a grading technique, I will choose mainly based on how the entries appeal to other members of the forum.


--End Date: The End Date of this Contest will be determined when All entry spots are filled out.



-1st: 3 reps.

-2nd: 1 rep and 100 points.

-3rd: 1 rep.




1. Ultimate_Ryan (Card and Writing Submitted)-God Hunter

2. Icyblue

3. Killa Ace

4. sportsplayer627

5. Duelist9 (Card and Writing Submitted) -Warmaker29

6. Jspamex

7. God Hunter. -God Splice

8. ~Raven~

9. Bloodrun. (Card and Writing Submitted) -Yankeefan

10. Zoloa37 (Card and Writing Submitted) -Sauromon666

11. Griffinsusername (Card and Writing Submitted) -Ultimate_Ryan

12. Frlf Da Snitch

13. The Great Unknown (Card and Writing Cubmitted) -Capiton Falcon

14. Hiya (Card and Writing Submitted) -Mikeo








Good luck and have fun...Oh, and Another thing...There CANNOT be more than one entrant choosing the same person, who's ever post is first, gets the member. If an arguement breaks out, both entrants are disqualified.



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Guest JoshIcy

its like Language arts all over again

i thought this was summer time

not summer school


Meti, I and Bloodrun happen to be the writers on this forum lol. And good grammar and different forms are always nice to practice in...


~Invitation Accepted, Entry Reserved~

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if you cant read it:

This card is also treated as a Toon-type monster. This card cannot be Summoned unless "Toon World" is on the field. This card cannot attack in the same turn that it is Summoned. Pay 500 Life Points each time this monster attacks. If your opponent does not control a Toon Monster on the field, this card can attack your opponents Life Points directly. By Tributing 1 Toon monster you control on the field, you can add 1 Toon monster from your Deck to your hand. By removing this card from play, "Toon World" cannot be destroyed by Spell or Trap card effects.


He is a DJ

He’s the Ultimate DJ

DJ Osiris

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Alright, I will enter this because I got invited, but there are a few things I need to mention.


Do not use profound language, themes.

What the heck?!O.ô


Meti, I and Bloodrun happen to be the writers on this forum lol.

You're not the only ones. There are many other people on this forum who write well, but they prefer keeping most things to themselves instead of running around and boasting;)


The End Date of this Contest will be determined when All entry spots are filled out.

Good thing.

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