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YCM world record


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Due to i think god hunters book of records the top word score in an effect is 193 but I have made a card with 225 words


the card



the effect

This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the Graveyard. While this card is on the field you can Normal Summon to have it treated as an Effect Monster with this effect

- When this card destroys a monster by battle activate 1 of these effects due to the attribute of the destroyed monster.

-EARTH- Destroy 1 card on the field if it is a face-down card each player draws 1 card from there Deck.

-DARK- Discard all monsters in your hand with less ATK than this card.

-LIGHT- If the opponent's destroyed LIGHT monster was in face-up Defence Position draw 1 card and your opponent discards 1 card (They chose.)

-WIND- Destroy all face-down Spell or trap Cards in each players Spell and Trap Card Zone if a face-down Trap card was destroyed due to this effect return it to your hand.

-WATER- If you attack this card a face-down Defence Position monster then your opponent draws 1 card and you discard 1 card (You Chose.)

-FIRE- Remove from play all Pyro-Type monsters in the Graveyard due to the number of cards in your hand. If this card is destroyed by a Card Effect your opponent draws 1 card and you can Special Summon this card to your side of the field (Your opponent choses the position.)


the image Field Goblin


if it is then 30minutes well speant


cheers MK

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holy cow 623 words that is so sad (No afence EDO.) Any way i am going to make a set on attributes and most of them would have pretty good effect. So I might ACCIDENTLY beat your record nah I wont waste of time


623 words OMG that is a lot what go you actually think of the card




@ Spirit of BMG plz can I have a link of it (You do not have 2 if you do not want to.)

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster



GH stole my record book idea?


And here I respected him.


EDIT: Oh, he just made a card with 193. Nvm.

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