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What would be a good banlist?

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Guest PikaPerson01

Fix the problems in today's meta?


Ban DAD, JD, and possibly semi Malicious.


Course, then we'd have a Glad Beast meta, so you'd then have to ban Gyzarus.


Then you'd be stuck with a Monarch Meta, and you'd have to ban Frog.


Eventually you'd want to unban stuff though...

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Ban DAD and CCV


Bring back BLS-EOE and Pot of Greed for teh lulz


Yeah, because "teh lulz" will definitely make the game better.


Ban Dark Armed Dragon, limit Destiny Hero - Malicious, and ban Judgment Dragon for starters.


Those of you that think it's a good idea to limit Judgment Dragon, think about this. Lightsworn focuses on mill. Even if you have only one Judgment Dragon, you can easily get it to your hand thanks to the speed that cards like Solar Recharge, Charge of the Light Brigade, Foolish Burial, and Card of Safe Return provide.

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Have Card Destruction and Graceful Charity at 3' date=' and then ban all cards that don't have tits, or have anything to do with the graveyard in order to be Special Summoned.



I sure hope your joking. Card Destruction is fine at 1 and Graceful Charity should never be at anything more than 0 on any list.


Anyway. There is no way to fix the problems with the game at the moment with just random Bans, Limits and lolSemi-Limits. The Ban List would have to be completely recreated.

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