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The Neo-Legion: Rebirth of evil! (A sequel to the Heroic Legion) Final Chapter is up! (PLZ comment)

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This is a sequel to my Fan Fic "The Heroic Legion", which may be found in the forum or through clicking on the crest in my sig. Many old characters are left, but here are some new ones:



Name: Gohan

Age: 16


Gohan´s Theme


Facts: Gohan is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, which makes him a Half-Saiyan. Althougt the human-saiyan mix of blood flows through his veins, he is a powerful opponent if provoked! His father was once member of the legendary "Heroic Legion", who rid the world of a large evil a few years ago. He does not know it yet, but he is about to walk in his fathers footsteps!




Name: Videl

Age: 16



Facts: Videl is the daughter of Hercule Satan, the "renowned" Martial Artist that claims to have defeated the evil Cell, and also Gohan´s girlfriend. She is able to fly, since Gohan taught her how to do so,, and she is MUCH more skilled at the Martial Arts than her father! She believes that Gohan is hiding something from her, and she wont rest until she finds out what!




Name: Yuna

Age: 20


Yuna´s Theme


Facts: Yuna is a young summoner from the isle of Besaid, who has mastered the ancient art of summoning powerful creatures, called Aeons, to aid her. She, Wakka and Tidus are engulfed by a mysterious light, as they have no idea of what will happen to them.




Name: Tidus

Age: 16


Tidus´s Theme


Facts: Tidus is a young blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes, but as a horrible monster named "Sin" destroyed it and took him to Spira, he is not quite used to his new life. He wields a sword at Yunas side, protecting her from any harm. He, Yuna and Wakka has been engulfed in a white light, and does not know what horrors lies ahead of them.




Name: Wakka

Age: 22


Wakka´s Theme


Facts: Wakka is the coach and captain of the blitzball team Besaid Aurochs. He is very skilled with his blitzball. So skilled indeed, that he uses it as a weapon at Summoner Yuna´s side. As he, Tidus and Yuna suddenly was engulfed in a bright light, no one of them know what they will face, and believe it or not, but Wakka is the most worried.




Name: Broly

Age: Unknown


Broly´s Theme


Facts: Broly is the bloodthirsty Legendary Super Saiyan that Goku defeated a few years ago, and he has since then been locked away into the deepest pits of Hell. Unfortuneatly, Black Doom released him as soon as he was revived. He is psychotic, violent and very powerful, since his strongest energy attacks can destroy an entire planet.



[spoiler=The Gang of Four]nsm11-small.jpg

Names:(From the right to left) Gitai, Kusana, Setsuna, Shizuku.

Ages: Unknown


No theme, Sorry! :(


Facts: The Gang of Four is a band of ninjas that each have special abilities. The above picture shows Gitai, Setsuna and Shizuku as their abilities are activated by a Chakra Injection given by Kusana. They have sworn allegiance to Black Doom, and hopes to unleash their destructive powers on the world!



[spoiler=Nazo the Hedgehog]e8363a7a.jpg

Name: Nazo the Hedgehog

Age: Unknown



Facts: Nazo is a hedgehog created from the Negative Energy of the Chaos Emeralds, and as a result, he is immortal. He is also as powerful as both Sonic and Shadow in their Hyper Forms, as he proved himself a worthy opponent when confronting them on Angel Island a long time ago. He and Mephiles have joined Black Doom to once again terrorize the planets of the universe.



[spoiler=Mephiles the Dark]Mephiles_The_Dark__by_Mephiles_Fanclub.jpg

Name: Mephiles the Dark

Age: Unknown


Mephiles´s Theme


Facts: Mephiles is a powerful entity of evil powers that Shadow despises, since he almost resembles him. Mephiles controls the powers of darkness, which allows him to alter reality and create illusions. He and Nazo has allied themselves with Black Doom to fulfill his infernal schemes of revenge.




Name: Seymour

Age: Unknown


Seymour´s Theme


Facts: Seymour is the leader of the Guado People of Spira, and one of the Four Maesters of Yevon. He is the son of a woman and a guado, which made his mind twisted because of the thoughts mixed up in his head. He has sworn allegiance to Black Doom, but at the terms of that his promises of endless power are fulfilled.




Theme Song: The Return of Evil

(Original Name: O Fortuna)


Plot: It´s been 10 years since Lucario and his team, The Heroic Legion, defeated Black Doom and the Evil Union. But at a hefty price, which costed Lucario´s life. At this heroic sacrifice, however, rose a new age of peace and prosperity which seemed to last forever. But evil can´t truly be destroyed, and after 10 peaceful years, evil once again began to stir in the dephts of the world...


[spoiler=Prolouge: The Evil Arise.][align=center]Prolouge: The Evil Arise.


It was a regular day for a regular farmer on his regular cornfield. He worked hard day in and day out, all for nothing.


"Phew!" he sighed. "One day, something must happen, or I´ll just don´t know what to do with myself..."


Suddenly, as he was digging in the dirt, he spotted something gleaming in there. He digged it out carefully with his hands, and picked it up. It was a rock, clear and gleaming as glass, and it was colored in a jet-black and crimson hue.


"Well, if it is my lucky day!" the farmer laughed, and reflected the rock in the sunlight. But as he reflected it, the sky filled with dark clouds, and thunder began to rumble.


"W-What?!" the farmer was scared. "W-What´s happening?!"


A lightning bolt struck the pebble, and the farmer was sended backwards. The pebble now began to grow, and alter it´s shape. It shaped into, some kind of creature, who´s upper half was floating in mid-air. It began to grow two pointy outgrowths on it´s head, and a robe was summoned, which clothed the creature. He also received strange amulets, and a necklace with crystal shards in different colours.The creature opened up three, red-glowing eyes, and stared at at´s hands and body. It was Black Doom. He was back.




The farmer was afraid out of his wits. He pulled up his shovel and aimed it as a weapon.




Black Doom turned to face the old man. He cackled, which sended chills down the man´s spine.


"Why, would I kill you, my noble man?" he replied. "After all, it was YOU who released me!"


"I-I did?" the man said, changing to a cocky attitude. "I-I mean YEA! It was I who set ya free, HAHA!"


"Indeed." said Black Doom, and held the man on his shoulder. "And as a reward, you shall receive ONE wish, no matter what it may be..."


"Wow!" thought the farmer. "It´s just like those Dragon Balls my cousin Jeffrey found, and he became richer than the president himself! What should I wish for... I know!" he asked Black Doom:


"What´s your name, creature?"


"You may call me: Black Doom!" he replied. "Now, what is your wish?"


"Oh, dear Black Doom!" the man chanted, and bended down before him. "For as long as I can remember, I have been working on this cornfield in front of you, day in and day out, and it hurts my back to the edge of breaking! I want you to release me from this eternal agony, and set me free!"


"As you wish! Heheheee..." Black Doom pointed his finger towards the man´s head. A lightning bolt shot from it and hitted the man. Pointblank in the brain. He died instantly.


"Uncunning maggot!" Black Doom snarled. "Now, to reassemble my evil empire, and take revenge on the Heroic Legion!! Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm! Mhahahahahahahahahaha!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!


But in all of his laughing, he didn´t notice a small, silver sphere rise from the dirt, and dart off into the horizon...[/align]



[spoiler=Chapter 1:The Son of Goku.][align=center]Chapter 1: The Son of Goku.


"Gohan! GOOHAAN! WAKE UP! You will be late for school!"


In his room, Gohan was waking up. He looked like an ordinary teenager, with black, short hair and black eyes. But, instead of regular clothes, he had a blue training suit with a red belt across his hips.

He was Gohan, the son of Goku. He yawned, and his eyes got use to the bright sunlight.


"Uuuughhh...... W-What? Oh, snap!! I´m gonna be late! COMING MOM!"


He rushed up and grabbed one of his school uniforms, which consisted of a light-blue shirt, a brown vest, and an orange pair of pants. On the shirt was the crest of the high school he was going in, The Oranga High School. He rushed down the stairs, and there stood a woman.

She had a purple dress with pink armings, black hair and a red hairpin strapped up in it. She was Chi-Chi, Goku´s wife and Gohan´s mother. She looked furious.


"GOHAN!!" she yelled, and Gohan stopped in an instant. "IT IS YOUR FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL SINCE THE SUMMER, AND YOU´RE LYING IN YOUR BED AS IF IT WAS A REGULAR SATURDAY, FOR CRIST´S SAKE!! You´re beginning to grow more and more into your father! A big, lousy delinquent!!


Chi-Chi did not like the fact that her husband could turn into a Super Saiyan, thus she started to call him a "delinquent", when he turned into one.

She did neither approve of ANY fighting or Martial Arts Training, thus she forced Gohan to study hard since he was young, in hopes of him becoming a great scholar!


"B-But mom!" Gohan replied frightened. "M-My watch was broken, remember? I kinda slammed it... a little bit hard, hehehe!"


"Hmf! Bad excuses, as usual!" she said, and threw Gohan´s backpack and lunch bag in his face. "NOW GO!!"


Gohan rushed out, and looked up into the sky. He then took his hands around his mouth, and yelled:




Suddenly, a caramel-coloured cloud flew from the sky, and landed in front of Gohan. He sat up on it, as Chi-Chi came outside to say goodbye.


"Have fun at school!" she said.


"I will mom!" Gohan replied. "Bye!"


And with that, the Flying Nimbus cloud took off, as Chi-Chi waved goodbye.




As Gohan was getting closer to the city, he remembered one of the many stories that his father used to tell him during his time in Otherworld. It was about him joining something called "The Heroic Legion", a great gathering of several super-humans and creatures, like himself.

They were fighting something called "The Evil Union", which consisted of their greatest enemies, such as Cell, the evil android that Gohan defeated during the Cell Games. He wondered if his father was proud of him becoming a scholar instead of a fighter. Goku was actually dead, since he sacrificed himself by instant transmitted himself and the self-destructing Cell to King Kai´s planet.

But he had heard that a mysterious creature named Lucario had ressurected him in order to fight the Evil Union. But when they were defeated, Goku was forced to return to Otherworld.


"I miss you, dad!" he whispered, but he suddenly saw his school, and decided to jump off.


"Well, see ya later, Nimbus!" he said, and jumped off.


He landed right in front of the school, and was just about to enter, when suddenly, a voice was heard:




"Huh?" Gohan became alert. "Who´s there?!"




"Where are you?!"


"Help me Gohan...I´m drowning in the sewers..."


"The sewers?!" Gohan was panicked. "But I gotta get to school!"


"Aren´t you going to help me, Gohan...?"


"Eehh..." Gohan hesitated, but then rushed towards the nearest sewer lock. He looked around. No one was there to see him.

He took a firm grasp around the lock, and with all his strenght, he pulled it up. He then jumped down, and started to look for the source of this...mysterious voice.


"Hello!" he shouted into the sewers. "Anybody there?" No answer, exept that a bright light shined at the end of the tunnel.


"Who goes there?!" he said, but no one answered. "Answer me!"


The light got closer and closer, and when Gohan could see the source of it, it was just a small silver sphere, floating in mid-air. Gohan thought it was kinda cute.


"Aaaww, look at you!" he said, while petting it. "How did you end up here, little fella?"


"You came, Gohan..." the sphere said. "That´s good..."




Without any warning, the sphere erupted in a blinding flash. As the light faded, both the sphere and Gohan was gone!




Meanwhile, in the dephts of Hell, Black Doom wandered around the forsaken wastelands.


"So, this is Hell?" he scuffed. "Hmf! I´ve seen worser!"


He then stopped in front of a great crater, covered by a great force field. It was as if it contained something...or someONE.


"Aah, this is it!" Black Doom said, and raised his hands. The force field turned purple, and started to crumple.It grew smaller and smaller, until it exploded.




Deep, deep inside the crater, a pair of red eyes started to glow. Someone WAS imprisoned here! He started to fly up to the top of the hole, and thus revealed himself.

It was a big, muscular man, who had a red folding around his hips. He had a white pair of pants, and golden boots with a topaz attached on each. His big, muscular upper half was scarred, and he had green, spiky hair which stood out in all directions.

Black Doom backed away, as if he could feel the very power this...monster emitted, and he was scared. The man suddenly screamed, and he was surrounded by a golden aura. Rocks started to crack from the ground and float in the air. The ground shook, and Black Doom was terrified.




The man screamed even more. The aura grew larger, and the ground shook even more. He yelled:




To be continued...[/align]



[align=center]Chapter 2: The Memory Of Pain.


"NARUTO! Are you in there!? Come out of there, please! You have been doing nothing than staying in there since Sasuke left!"


Naruto lied in his bed. He stared emptily into the roof. He heard Sakura banging and shouting on the other side of the door, but he didn´t care. He didn´t even care about the fact that his friend Sasuke had joined Orochimaru´s clan, and left him alone. All he cared about, all he thought about, was the time he had spent with The Heroic Legion.


"I´m sorry, Tails...I´m so sorry..."


He still blamed himself for having nearly killed Tails with his Blood Chidori. It was as if he thought that Tails LIED to him when he said that it wasn´t his fault. He tried to keep those thoughts out of his mind, as he heard another voice outside his door:


"Naruto? A-Are you in there? M-My big brother wants t-to talk to you..."


Naruto sighed, and sat up on his bed. He put a smile on his face.




He stood up and walked up to the door. He opened it. Outside stood a girl with blue hair, a white jacket and brown pants. Her eyes were white, and she smiled nervously as she saw Naruto.


"Hinata!" he said "Hi!"


"Aahh!" she was scared by Naruto´s sudden greeting, and blushed violently. "H-Hi N-Naruto...N-Neji said he wanted to m-meet you at the Hokage Burial Grounds..."


"Alrighty!" he replied, and rushed out. "I´m on my way!"




He jumped across the roofs as he was taking the fastest route to the Burial Grounds. along his way, Naruto returned to think about Tails and the Blood Chidori. It was probably not by purpose, as Tails said! After all, it was the Kyuubi that used it, not him, as he first had thought! He was closing up on the Burial Grounds, as he jumped off a tall building and landed in the middle of several tombstones. There, next to him, stood Neji.


"Naruto!" he said, as he appeared. "I´m glad you responded to my sister´s invitation."


"Heh, you know me!" Naruto replied. "I´m not the one to throw down an invitation!"


Neji smiled, as he showed Naruto to follow him. They stopped in front of an old monument, covered in vines. Neji ripped off the vines, and revealed what was on top. A ball, with a button in the middle of it. And around it hanged a rusty gold chain with a dimmed sapphire attached to it.


"I-It´s..." Naruto started, but Neji interrupted him.


"Don´t think you can fool the eyes of the Byakuugan!" he chuckled. "I´ve seen you, day in and day out, returning to this very monument and stare on it for hours. Then, you cover it with these vines and leave. You must really respect him."


"He was our leader, after all..." sighed Naruto. "But I also respected him...as a friend. I think we all did."


"Of course you did." said Neji, as he patted Naruto on the back. "You know, sometimes, i think you miss him the most! Now then, lets head back home. It´s almost dark."


"R-Right!" said Naruto, as he and Neji speeded home. When they left, the sapphire on the monument began to glow...




The following days, Naruto started to be more outside his room, with his friends. Sakura was glad that he was out of his room, as was Kakashi. The three of them was now the only ones left of their Team 7, since Sasuke left them. They still continued to undertake missions, though! Several per day, to be correct! But Naruto also spent more time with the other ninjas of the new-built Konoha Village, since the old one was destroyed by Sephiroth. One day, they were all playing a game of Bullseye!, a game that had only one rule: To take down three cans from a fence! Naruto was one to join, as were Neji, Shino, and two others named Tenten and Chouji. Neji was the first to go.


"BYAKUUGAN!" he said loudly, as the veins around his eyes became thicker. He concentrated his chakra, and...




He was surrounded by a blue vortex of chakra, and the shockwave made the cans fall off. Everyone applauded, as Neji´s eyes became normal, and he went over to put up the cans. Next was Chouji.

He was a flabby ninja with a beige shirt, a green jacket, beige pants and brown hair which pointed like horns on each side of his head. He always had a bag of potato chips with him, that he always gobbled on. Naruto and Tenten laughed behind his back, as they were pretty sure he was going to miss. But Chouji remained calm, as he took three potato chips between his fingers. He then focused, and threw the chips at the cans. All hitted, and the cans tripped off the fence. Neji and Shino clapped their hands, and Naruto and Tenten stood with gaping mouths.


"YES!" said Chouji triumphant, as he continued to gobble on his potato chips. "Just because(munch,munch)i´m fat, doesn´t(munch)mean i can´t(munch,munch)win in a simple game of(munch)Bullseye!"


Naruto made an ugly face, as he walked past Chouji and prepared to throw. Suddenly, he heard a voice:




"Huh?" Naruto was confused. "Who is there?"


"Naruto, help me! I´m at the Hokage Burial Grounds!"


"Hokage...Burial Grounds??" Naruto suddenly rushed from his friends, to the Burial Grounds. Neji rushed after him.


After awhile, they were at the Burial Grounds. Naruto asked:


"Why the hell did you follow me, Neji?"


"Because..." he was panting. "...I heard a voice...a cry for help!"


"What?! Me too!" replied Naruto.


Suddenly, a bright light starled them, as a small, levitating silver sphere was in front of them.


"Huh?" said Naruto surprised. Neji examined it with his Byakuugan, but he sighed, as his eyes returned to normal.


"I can´t detect any chakra from it..." he said. "...which would mean it is not alive..."


"Then why can I talk?" said the sphere to Neji, as he was shocked. "Naruto, Neji! I have brought you here, for you are once again needed to save this world!"




Suddenly, the sphere erupted in a silver light, and disappeared, along with Neji and Naruto!




Meanwhile, at a small countryside, a black cloud was formed, and then dispersed. Black Doom had teleported out of Hell.


"Bah!" he scoffed, as he dusted his robe. "That useless Saiyan! He almost killed me! Good thing he flew away though...Why is it so hard to find any servants LOYAL to me?!"


"WE will be loyal to you, great lord!"


Suddenly, four ninjas jumped in front of him. They were all dressed in white clothes, but had different haircuts. One had pink hair which covered his right eye, and another one of them had three blue, thick strings of hair. The third one had orange, short hair, and the fourth had white hair and an indigo rag which covered his face.


"Who are you?" asked Black Doom. They presented themselves:












"Hmmm...." said Black Doom. "Perhaps I could have use of you! What do you know about a brat known as: Naruto Uzumaki?"


"More than enough, master!" said Gitai.


"Do you want us to eliminate him, oh great lord?" asked Kusana.


"No!" said Black Doom. "For now, I want you to come with me."


"Yes, master!" Setsuna replied.


"What is your name?" asked Shizuku with a sadistic smile.


"My name...Is Black Doom..."


To be continued...[/align]

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Hmmmm..... maybe.....


btw, did u like the new chapter?

U know.... since it is New Year at my place, I can stay up for as f****ng long i wish, and write chapter 3!

Chapter 3! Here, some of the new guys are revealed!


[align=center]Chapter 3: The Dreams Of a Summoner.


It was a bright day in the village of Besaid. All the villagers were out and were happy of the new day. Out of one of the huts stepped a young boy. His name was Tidus. He had a yellow sweater with a white trim around the neck. He also had a blue pair of belt-pants, which belts he had crossed over the chest, blond hair and blue eyes. He stretched his arms into the air and yawned. Suddenly, someone pushed him away from the hut entrance.


"Hey, don´t go block off the entrance, will ya, haha!" someone chuckled.

A man appeared behind Tidus. He had orange hair that was short, exept in the front, where it stood up as an arrow. He was bare-chested, exept the two brown belts over it that held up his yellow, saggy pants. He had a big smile on his face.


"Ooh...s´ry Wakka!" Tidus replied sleepily. "I had a bad sleep..."


"What, ya nervous?!" Wakka replied, and gave Tidus a rough head rub. "Hey, don´t be, ya? It´ll be fine, OK? Good!"


As they spoke, a girl approached them. She was dressed in thin, white and pink silk garments, a white, thin sweater and a blue, long skirt. She had brown hair and green eyes, which seemed to sparkle as she saw Wakka and Tidus.


"Hehe! Good morning!" she said. Wakka was starled, and accidentally pushed Tidus away. He crashed into a wall, and Wakka rushed over to him.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa! You alright, fella?" he asked.


"Hey, what was that good for?!" moaned Tidus, as he rubbed his head. The girl laughed a bit. Wakka returned to her.


"Mornin´ Yuna!" he said. "You ready?"


"Y-Yes, Wakka." Yuna replied.


"Alright! Tidus, let´s go!" said Wakka.


"Fine, fine, I´ll come!" said Tidus, and walked out of the village with them.




He, Wakka and Yuna now walken on the beach, as they headed over to a ship that was anchored in the docks. Yuna halted herself, and looked into the horizon. Wakka halted Tidus, and pointed at her.


"What´s up?" he then asked, and walked up beside her.


"Last night..." she replied. "...I had a weird dream..."


"A dream?" asked Wakka, and walked up to her as well. "That can´t be good for a Summoner. Tell us!"


"Well..." she hesitated.


"Let´s hear in, Yuna." said Tidus. "We both want to know."


"Ok, then..." she said, and took a deep breath. "When I was dreaming, I saw a big, blue room, with blue pillars. Outside the room was nothing but darkness, and if you took as much as a foot outside it, you would fall. But, I was not alone. In the room were three young boys, you two, and...some kind of...strange creatures..."


"Fiends?!" asked Wakka furiously.


Yuna shook her head. "They were no fiends. They were...nice, and goodhearted. And then, from one of the dark corners erupted a bright, blue light, and...something stepped from it,and..." she stopped.


"And? And?!" asked Tidus eagerly, but Yuna shook her head.


"That´s when...I woke up."




"It´s Ok."


"Well, I dunno ´bout that..." said Wakka. "When Summoners have a dream, see, they become real!"


"Don´t say that!" replied Yuna, a little frustrated. "Dreams are only the thoughts of regular people, such as you and Tidus! There´s no reason why I could have a dream and it would come true, as I too is a..."


She stopped herself. She saw something dart from the horizon. It was a small silver ball, and it stopped right in front of her. Wakka and Tidus was scared.


"Whoa!" said Wakka. "What´s gotten into it?!"


"Heheh! I think it likes you, Yuna." said Tidus, as the ball rotated around Yuna. Suddenly, it started to speak.


"Summoner Yuna, Sir Wakka and Sir Tidus! I have chosen you as my champions, for you are needed to save my home world! You will meet other champions of mine, and with them, the choice is your own. Will you unite with them, or throw them away?"


Then, it erupted in a silver flash, and the three of them were no longer to be seen.




In an underground house, Black Doom and The Gang of Four suddenly appeared. They looked around, and Black Doom was exhausted.


"Uuuggghhh..." he moaned. "Why does not the Teleportation work?! I did not want to end up here!"


"But I think you wanted!" someone replied.


Behind them were a man dressed in a large, blue robe, which had a square pattern that was coloured red at his feet. He had long fingers, from which it grew long, turqoise nails. His hair was blue and was strangely formed. He had some kind of tatoo around his eyes, and he smirked at Black Doom.


"Hmm..." Black Doom inspected the man. "You´re not human, are you? And if not, who and WHAT are you?"


"My name is Seymour Guado." he replied. "I´m the Leader of The Guado People of Spira, and a greatly respected Maester of Yevon!"


"Spira? Guado?? Yevon?!" Black Doom was confused. "Where DID I teleport us to? Anyways, Seymor, will you join me and my growing force of minions?"


"What will be the profits of it?" Seymour asked.


"You will receive unlimited power, and wealth beyond count!" chanted Black Doom, as Seymour was pleased. "Do you consider my offer fairly?"


"Yes. My great lord, I will help you." He made a strange pattern with his hands, and he bowed before Black Doom. "However, I will expect that the offer will be delivered once my task is done."


"Of course, Maester Seymour." said Black Doom, as he muttered for himself: "Soon, Lucario, my revenge will be fulfilled! Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa....."


To be continued...[/align]

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Chapter 4!! These mysterious light balls seem to gobble up almost anything, and Black Doom travels from world to world, constantly seeking for his minions! Where will both of them strike next?!




[align=center]Chapter 4: The Immortal And The Sly.


On the planet of Mobius, everyone lived in peace and harmony, since the death of Dr. Eggman. No one seemed to have any problems, and everyone was happy. Espesially on this very day, as Tails rushed to Knuckles room and knocked on the door.


"Knuckles! Knuckles!! Hurry!" he shouted. "Today is the big day!!"


Knuckles yawned, as he was getting up. His room looked more like a gym, with every sort of training equipment ever imagineable. He had a sand-bag hanging in the middle of the room, and up on a cupboard he had a pair of metal claws. That was the Digger Claws, which he used when punching through solid rock was not good enough.


"Alright, alright, Tails!!" he said. "I am up!"


He opened the door, where Tails stood, jumping up and down like crazy.


"Hey! Take it easy, Tails!" said Knuckles and calmed him down. "What´s the hurry, man?"


"Don´t you remember, Knuckles?" said Tails, and smiled. "It´s Sonic and Amy, you remember..."


"W-Wha...It´s TODAY?!" Knuckles was terrified.


"Yup!" replied Tails calmly. "It´s already started!"


"THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" shouted Knuckles, as he rushed back into his room, and put on a black tuxedo as fast as he could, and grabbed Tails. "WE DON´T HAVE ANY TIME TO LOSE!!"


Both of them rushed out of his house, and towards the nearby city, where they could hear bells chiming.




As Tails and Knuckles reached the city, they rushed for the church, and barely made it through the doors. They quietly sneaked into the hall, and sat themselves down. Beside them sat Shadow, who seemed to feel very uncomfortable in his black tuxedo and black tie. Knuckles smirked.


"What´s the matter, Shadow?" he whispered. "Outta style?"


"S-Shut up..." said Shadow nervously. "It begins."


Suddenly, the organs played a wedding song, as the doors opened. In came Sonic and Amy. Sonic looked quite handsome in his blue tuxedo, red tie and with a red rose in his chest pocket. And Amy was as an adorable angel with her white dress and red ribbon on top. Both of them smiled nervously. As they reached the altar, the priest said:


"Dear fellow men and women. We have gathered here today, on this beautiful day, to witness the unison of two hearts, that shall beat as one, til the ends of time itself."


He turned to Sonic.


"Sonic the Hedgehog...do you take Amy Rose to be your one and true love, and to forever support and care for her in good and trying times, until death do you part?"


"I do." he replied. The priest then turned to Amy.


"Amy Rose...do you take Sonic the Hedgehog to be your one and true love, and to forever support and care for him in good and trying times, until death do you part?"


"I...I...I do!" she said, and hugged her future husband.


"I do now, in the name of God and The Holy Spirit, hereby declare you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride."


Both of them hugged eachother, and kissed. The organs played a different tune, and eveyone cheered for the happy couple. Shadow could not resist but to shed a tear.


"Oh! You crying Shadow?" asked Tails, but Shadow replied furiously.


"N-No! I-I just...got some dirt in my eye!! Leave me alone!"


And so, Sonic and Amy was now a married couple. Sonic lifted her up, and speeded out of the church. Everyone left, and Tails and Knuckles couldn´t be more happier for their sake.




Meanwhile, back at Sonic´s place, he and Amy had just arrived. He dropped her down, and they kissed eachother again. This, was a moment they wanted to relive each and every day, for as long as they lived.


"Amy..." said Sonic.


"Yeah?" replied Amy. "What is it?"


"Look. The sun is about to set." They both sat down and watched as the sun setted behind the far away ocean, and turned the sky red and crimson, before it disappeared. Then, the stars appeared on the sky, one after another, as they lit up the night sky.


Background Music: The Distant Ocean of Stars

(Original name: Phantoms)


"Isn´t it funny, Sonic?" Amy then said, as she laid her head in his lap. "It has been...so long...and now...you just say: Let´s get married!" she giggled. "It just seems...funny to me."


"Me too." replied Sonic, as he fondled her hair. "It´s just that...I´ve realised how much I meant for you....You...really loved me, didn´t you?"


"Yea...I did. And I still do..."


"Yeah, I know...You and I...we were always meant for eachother...It´s just that...I´ve been to busy with myself and my other friends....hehe, and Shadow of course...that....I forgot about you...."


"But now...we can be together....forever...as long as time itself....."


"Yeah.....and also, we ca..... Hey. What´s that?"


A small, bright sphere appeared in front of them. Amy sat up, and looked at it.


"W-What is it??" she asked, and Sonic went between her and the sphere.


"Who are you?" he asked, as the sphere answered:


"Sonic, Amy Rose. I bring this urgent message, for you and your friends are needed to save this universe.Your unison has shaped a bond of love and trust, that cannot easily be broken. But every band has to be put through harsh tryings, but know this:

Nothing, not even death itself, can break these bonds, for they are eternal, as long as you hold yourselves close to your hearts. Another of my kin has already been sent to your friends; Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. I will now get you to them, but know this:

There will be more to meet, as you must prepare yourselves to unite with the unknown once again..."


And with that, the sphere erupted in a blinding light, and Sonic and Amy vanished into thin air...




"What now?! I´m back on Mobius?!"


Black Doom and The Gang of Four has recently been teleported to a dark place on Mobius.


"What is this place?" said Kusana surprised. "So...much...evil."


"Yeeessss" hissed Gitai behind his rag. "Isn´t it beautiful?"


"Why are we here?" asked Setsuna to Black Doom.


"I don´t know..." replied Black Doom. "My powers...they wont obey me! It is as if...they try to show me something. A missing piece in my puzzle? A path which has been concealed to my vision? A place, where creatures, as evil as I am dwells, and long to serve under my allegiance?"


"Creatures such as us, M´lord?"


Two hedgehogs appeared. One of them looked like Sonic in his Hyper Form, exept that no silver aura emitted from his body. The other one looked like Shadow, exept that his hair stripes were light blue, and he had no mouth.


"Well, well..." Black Doom replied. "If it isn´t Nazo and Mephiles. I have heard stories of you, and I´ve also heard that you DIED while trying to defeat that cursed Sonic!"


"Yes, we did..." replied Nazo with a sadastic grin. "But a higher force has risen us from our graves, although we don´t know why, until now..."


"...As we have realised...that our fate is to serve YOU, Black Doom!" continued Mephiles. "We have also heard that you was defeated by a group of vagabond heroes, called the "Heroic Legion", if we are correct?"


"Indeed you are..." replied Black Doom, as he became furious. "Those Blasted Heroes! They Destroyed My Genious Plans, And Had Me Slain!! But Now, I Will Show Them The TRUE Fury Of My Powers!! JOIN ME, NAZO AND MEPHILES, AND I WILL SEE TO IT, THAT YOU WILL BE HANDSOMELY REWARDED!!"


"We will serve You, Black Doom!" said Nazo and Mephiles, as they bowed before him. "Until our last breath!"


"Good, good..." said Black Doom. "Let us then be on our way! Let´s just hope my powers are normal now..."


He lifted his arm, and then swinged it down, as he, Nazo, Mephiles, and The Gang of Four disappeared in a light flash.


To be continued...[/align]

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Damn, I´m in the mood for writing today!! Here is Chapter 5, for everyone who wonders what happened to Gohan, Naruto, and all the others!!




[align=center]Chapter 5: The Light Fades.


Suddenly, Gohan found himself in a dark-blue room. It was kinda small, but in it was everything he needed. A comfortable bed, a bathroom, and his own fridge! He shook his head, as if he thought he was dreaming.


"W-What is this place?" he thought, as he looked around the room. "The one who made it must be very powerful. The walls are made of harnessed energy! No ordinary human is able to form, even grab hold of raw energy!"


The walls looked like an endless sky of stars, but Gohan knew that it was walls. A light beamed up in the end of the room, behind it´s door.


"Oh, what now?" said Gohan, as he opened the door. The light faded, as another small sphere was floating outside it. Gohan was furious.


"YOU!" he tried to grab hold of it, but it slipped away. "GET BACK HERE!! YOU TAKE ME BACK THIS INSTANT, YOU HEAR ME!"


"I´m afraid that is not an option..." replied the sphere sadly. "You, Gohan, The Son of Goku, has been chosen to aid me in my quest. You, and several others will join me, as we will rid the world of a great evil, as your father before you..."


The sphere sended out a small bolt of energy at Gohan´s vest, and the Oranga High School emblem was replaced with a silver badge with his face on it. Under it stood:


Gohan, The Son of Goku

1:st Member of The Neo-Legion


"Neo-Legion?" he said surprised, as he examined his badge.


"That is your code-name..." replied the sphere, as it flew closer to him. "Never take it off, for if you do, you will wake up in your bed again, and never be able to return to us...and thus, you will not be able to save this world, at the brink of it´s end...when all light...has faded out......"


It dispersed into smaller spheres, and then, they dimmed away. Gohan grasped it.


"Fine! I don´t want to be part of your stupid game, anyways!" he started to pull in it, but then hesitated, as he remembered what his father have told him, as a child:


"Gohan! If you want to become a strong warrior, like your dad, you must not turn back in fear, even if the threat seems too big enough to handle! You must remember your Saiyan Blood, and remember the pride in your heart! Never turn back, my son, as courage is the greatest power in the world...!"


"Right!" said Gohan, and let go of the badge. "I-I believe in you dad! I can do this!" And with that, a light shined in the end of a thin corridor that Gohan had entered.


"Good." said a voice, but this wat not one of the spheres. "You have passed your first test. Now, follow my light, as I shall guide you towards your goal in these halls."


"Test?!" Gohan was once again mad. "What do you think you´re doing, toying with me?!"


"No..." said the voice. "only testing your abilities..."


"Hmpf! I don´t like this..." mumbeled Gohan, as he followed the light.




As he got closer and closer to the light, Gohan entered a room full of holes in the roof. Then, as he entered it, the passage behind him disappeared, as it was replaced with an endless star-sky. Gohan looked around.


"Hey!" he yelled, but the voice calmed him:


"Don´t let fear get to you, Gohan, as you now will face your second, almost last, test. This test shall test your combat abilities. Any wounds you receive will be instantly healed, and your body energy, if there is any, shall never run out, allowing you to fight with your full potential. But be careful, and try not to receive too many wounds. BEGIN!"


Gohan wondered what that could mean, but before he could figure out anything that would make sense, a small, black sphere shot out from one of the holes, straight at him!


"What?!" he was starled, as he dodged the sphere, but in the same time, he felt a sharp pain across his arm.




He landed, and looked on his right arm. There was a long cut wound, but it was instantly healed, as the voice had said. As he looked back at the sphere, it had grown six, sharp blades, which was placed so it would be no escape from being sliced.

Suddenly, Gohan heard a noise. He looked up. Hundreds, maybe two-hundreds of black spheres were now charging at him, all with their blades revealed and spinning.


"Aaww, come on!! Give me a break!" he said, as he jumped and crawled to dodge the spheres. He then started to fly upwards, and the spheres followed him. He suddenly stopped, and crossed his arms across his chest. The spheres stopped too, as if they wondered what was going on.




He raised his hands to the air, as his body was surrounded by a golden aura, and his short, black hair turned blonde and stood right up.

Suddenly, the golden aura dirpersed, and was replaced with an aura of crackling electricity! His hair stood up even more, and became more sharper. He had transformed into a Super Saiyan, but at it´s second stage; Super Saiyan Level Two!

He charged his hands full of energy, and then threw several energy balls at the spheres, that exploded on impact. The spheres now blindly rushed him, but Gohan dodged them and destroyed them with his energy blasts. As the fight grew to its end, the floor was filled with destroyed, black spheres. He landed in the middle of them, as he reverted to his original form.


"Heh, that wasn´t so hard!" said Gohan proudly, as he looked around. "Man, that was quite a work-out, ehehehehehe!"


"Good." said the voice again, as a hole was shaped in the opposite wall, and a light soothed from it. "You have completed your second test. Your father must be very proud of you. Now, you must face your third, and final, test. The Test...Of Union!"


Gohan hesitated, but he continued to walk into the enlighted corridor.




As he got closer to the end of the corridor, the light got dimmer and dimmer. When he entered the end of it, he stood in a dark blue room with dark blue pillars. It looked like they were made of harnessed energy as well. As he entered the room, the passage behind him disappeared, and left was a black emptiness, which seemed to last forever. He reached out his hand for it, and it was engulfed by the darkness, as if it was liquid. He took it back, and looked to the central of the room. There stood several strange figures. four of them were human, while the other five looked like strange, humanoid animals. He walked up to them.


"Eeh, excuse me?" he said. "Could someone of you guys tell me where I am?"


"Hmpf! You tell us!" snarled one of the creatures, which looked like a black hedgehog with red hair stripes.


"We don´t know how we got here...or who took us here." said a young boy with yellow hair, an orange and black overall, scratchmarks on his cheeks and a forehead protector.


"It all just...happened so fast..." replied a girl with white and pink silk garments, a white sweater and a blue skirt. "And now...when I think about it...it starts to feel...more and more like...my dream."


"Well, if it was a dream...it can´t get more real like this." said another boy with a brown, dog-tailed haircut, a white training sweater and brown shorts. He seemed to be blind, since his eyes were white.


Suddenly, a large, white light erupted from the side of the room. Everyone was scared, as they backed away as far as the darkness around them allowed.


"Stay behind me, Amy!" said Sonic, as he protected Amy.


"Get back, Yuna!" shouted Wakka, as he and Tidus stood in front of her.


"You have all passed your tests, exept for one..." said a voice from the light. "...you must now trust eachother, as you now stand before eachother. Many of you have done this before, and many new faces have arisen from the dark reality of the world. But hope...remains...as you all now must find friends in yourselves, and unite as one!"


"What if we don´t want to?!" yelled Gohan, who was beginning to grow sick of this.


"If you should not accept my offer, you may remove your badges, and you will relive everything you have faced here, and then wake up as if nothing have happened. But...if you do so...know that you cannot change your fate, as you may do here, as a part of the Neo-Legion! If...you should accept it, however...put your hands together, and say out loud your names, as this is the only way to bring light to darkness that conceals and strangles reality!"


All of them hesitated, but then, Tails walked slowly towards the center of the room, and stretched out his hand.


"T-Tails! The Smart Fox!"


Next was Yuna, who gently took Tails hand, and said calmly:


"Summoner Yuna! Guardian Of Besaid!"


Soon, all the others walked forward, and took eachothers hands.


"Tidus! The Dreamer!"


"Wakka! The Star Of The Aurochs!"


"Sonic! The Blue Knight Of Justice!"


"Shadow! The Hedgehog Of Good!"


"Amy Rose! The Firm Maiden!"


"Knuckles! The Rock-Solid Protector!"


"Naruto Uzumaki! The Demon Of Light!"


"Neji Hyuuga! The Visionare!"


And Gohan! The Son Of Goku!!"


Suddenly, the light spreaded across the room, and revealed a larger, dark blue room. All the walls, the pillars, and even the roof, was made of harnessed, fluid energy, as it looked like they were at the bottom of an ocean! Around them was chairs, one for each person, and with their code-names carved into them.


"Please...be seated..." said the voice.


All of them sat down, and then, another chair appeared from the floor, in the room´s center. It had a mark carved into it. A blue mark, that was shaped as a blue spiral. Above it was a text carved, which said:


"Terra Sanctorum Mortalis"


"It´s latin!" said Gohan, as he translated it:


"The Earth´s Protector In Person!"


"What´s that supposed to mean?" asked Amy.


"That means that, whoever sits in that chair, must be the Protector of The Earth!" replied Tails. "But I wonder who..."


"Do not wonder, anymore, Tails!" said a very familiar voice, as suddenly, a creature emerged from the light...


To be continued...[/align]

.........OK! I´m beginning to scare MYSELF! But, who is this mysterious voice? What does he want with the newly formed Neo-Legion? Find out in the next chapter of:


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Chapter 6 is here!




[align=center]Chapter 6: A Friend Returns From Darkness...




Background Music: Returning From The Light

(Original Name:Cloud Smiles)


But it was, as from the light stepped a creature who resembled a human dog, with blue and black fur, pointy ears, four black-haired outgrowths on the back of his head, and horn-like outgrowths on his beige-furred chest and his fists. It was......




Lucario smiled at them, as Sonic, Tails, and Naruto rushed towards him and hugged him, with tears in their eyes.


"I-I-I´M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!!!!" shouted Tails, as he bursted into tears. "Y-YOU´VE COME BACK....F-FOR US!!!"


Sonic and Naruto couldn´t say a word, since both of them were crying with happiness. But Shadow said something instead, as he walked up to him with a frown on his face.


"How can it be you!?! You´re dead!" he said furiously.


Lucario stared into his eyes, as Shadow stared into his.


"You..." Lucario then said. "...You have missed me the most, have you not?"


Shadow fists shook, but then, a tear found it´s way out of his eye, and he fell on Lucario´s shoulder, crying for all he was worth. Lucario patted him on the back.


"It´s Ok......" he whispered. "It´s Ok..."


"S-Shadow..." said Sonic, as he wiped out his tears. "You´re crying..."


"WELL, WHAT THE HELL DOES IT LOOK LIKE I´M DOING??!!!" he said while sobbing.


"There, there..." said Lucario comforting. "Don´t hold it back...cry, if you need to."


Gohan and Tidus stared at them, as Gohan then whispered:


"I think they know that guy..."


"You don´t say?" whispered Tidus back sarcastically.


Shadow then wiped out his tears, and took up his hand. Lucario slapped him a high five.


"I-I-It´s.....good to...have y-you back...on the t-team..." said Shadow, while trying to hold back his last tears.


"It IS good, indeed!" Lucario replied, as he turned to face the others. "My fellow friends...what you witness today, will forever be a secret to the outer world. For inside these walls...you will see what the past have held for us...what the present has...and what the future has to give...Gohan, Tidus, Wakka, Yuna, Knuckles and Amy Rose...You have not yet met me..."


He bowed before them, as he continued:


"I am Lucario, the former leader of The Heroic Legion, who destroyed The Evil Union ten years ago, along with these four before you, Gohan´s father Goku, and two others that I cannot find...Cloud, the loyal swordbearer of Good, who has determined himself to live with his friends for all eternity, and not to come back...and Sasuke...who´s heart now belongs to another, more manelvolent force...But as I speak, my eternal enemy, Black Doom, is gathering his forces..."


"But you said that you and my dad beaten the Evil Union ten years ago!" said Gohan, as he stood up from his seat. "How can he still be alive?!"


"I...was ignorant..." replied Lucario, as he bended his head down. "I thought that...upon sacrificing my corporeal body...I could utterly destroy him...But I was a fool...as I now understand that EVERY piece of his wicked existense had to be shattered...but...as I left my body, and joined the Holy Spirits from Above...I left behind a shard of something called "The Black Comet", a crude vessel created by Black Doom, which allowed him to be revived...and to spread even more death and destruction..."


He lifted his head, and a tear was sighted in his eye. He wiped it off, and continued:


"But now...I fear he has even more powerful forces at his side...Gohan...From the dephts of what you call Hell, he has raised the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, from his eternal slumber, although he has not joined him, as far as I can tell...Naruto...From your homeland, he has awakened the interest of The Gang of Four, a wicked gang of viligant ninjas with terrible powers...Tidus, Wakka, Yuna...From his mansion, deep inside of Guadosalam, Seymour Guado has let his wicked mind be consumed by Black Doom´s promises of power, and wealth...And Sonic...From Mobius´s unearthed graves...Nazo and Mephiles has arisen and bound themselves to Black Doom´s evil clutches...We...are now the only ones that may stand up to this...evil ambitions...and throw him back to the eternal prison from where he came! We...must push this evil back into the abyss...WE...must save the Earth, and perhaps, the entire universe, from their malicious schemes...we...are the Neo-Legion!!"


All of them raised their hands into the air and cheered to their leader´s aspiring words of cunning and leadership. Lucario smiled. They Earth once again had guardians...




In a dark corner of the Earth, where no one lived, where the poisonus fumes of the Black Toxin still endured, Black Doom and his bond of villains appeared.


"Aaahhhh...." Black Doom took a deep breath. "It is good to be home!"


"Blah! What is this place?!" Gitai sneezed. "It´s stench is unbearable!"


"And it´s...far too gloomy for my taste!" said Shizuku disappointedly.


"This, my friends...used to be the great island of The Aura Monks, a cursed people with the ability to use their body energies as weapons! They have repelled me for several years now, but with my reborn, immortal body, and my newly gained powers, I blasted them all to the afterlife, and tainted their sacred island with the toxic fumes of my comet!" chanted Black Doom, as he pointed towards the tainted plazas, where old ruins stood proudly, as a reminder of the noble Aura Monks that once lived here, but now had been decimated by the evil Black Doom. And in the middle of it, erupted a gigantic fortress, which emitted a strong, toxic cloud around it.


"My very own Black Fortress!! It is my newest masterpiece, filled with illusions and traps for even the most cunning to find it a challenge!"


"It is...magnificent." replied Seymour, as he observed the huge fortress.


"It is indeed!" chuckled Mephiles. "Stunningly admirable, would I say!"


"Indeed..." replied Black Doom to both of them. "But all of this will be in vain, if we not destroy the Heroic Legion! I...can sense that Lucario has found his way back from the afterlife. Yes, he has grown stronger since our last encounter, indeed. But now, with ME immortal, nothing may stop us!!! Hehahahahahahahahahaaaa!!"


To be continued...[/align]


Lucario is back!! But will he and his new allies be enough to stop the new, sinister Evil Union, or will evil triumph once and for all? Stay tuned for the next revealing chapter of:


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Already on chapter 7!

[align=center][u][b]Chapter 7: Lies Concealed And Truth Revealed...[/b][/u]

As all the others went to their rooms, Lucario was left in the main hall. He looked upon the walls and the pillars, as he had missed them for a long time.

"Well..." Someone was behind him. It was Gohan. "I didn´t have time to ask you, but...you knew my dad?"

"Goku?" replied Lucario. "Yes, I knew him...he was an honorable man, a true champion of good. It was I who decided to ressurect him, as he would prove to be a great warrior in my league. But, when I died, and the Legion dispersed, he was forced to return to the Otherworld."

"Yes..." sighed Gohan. "But...he also said that...this Cloud told him...that you have faced Black Doom before?"

"Yes...I have. But...that was a long time ago...when I was still young..."

Lucario began to have flashbacks, as he saw himself on the Aura Monk Island. Suddenly, the skies filled with darkness, and in front of the monks, Black Doom appeared. Several of the monks tried to stop him, but they were all thrown aside, or killed.

"I-I didn´t know what to do...I was so scared. Black Doom knew I was afraid of him, as he did not care of killing me, and continued up to the Grand Temple..."

He continued to remember, as he saw Black Doom stare at him, but then ignored him, and floated up a stair. From the top of it, a temple made out of pure gold and ivory was sighted. From it charged several Aura High Priests. Several of them attacked Black Doom head-on, while the others threw Aura Projectiles from their hands at him.
But in one fell swoop, Black Doom decapitated the Aura High Priests close to him with his telekinetic powers, and then turned the others Aura Projectiles against them, killing them swiftly. Blood stained Lucario´s blue fur, and he was terrified, and started to run away.

"I...I just ran...terrified, and abandoned...After that, I lived in the forest, but, as I was used to be spoiled with served dishes of food and comfortable beds, I didn´t know what to do...that is...until a magician named Aaron found me. He took care of me, as if I was his own, and taught me the secret abilities that I not yet had unlocked, such as using these to read people´s souls..."

He let his black-furred pins on his back-head move up and down, as Gohan was amazed.

"Wow...So you can tell if a person is good or evil?"

"Indeed I can! You´d like to give it a try?"


Gohan stood still, and Lucario let his pins move to the sides of his head. He closed his eyes, and saw the world in a dark blue blur. In front of him he saw a light blue shape that resembled Gohan. He smiled, and it looked like he dreamed a nice dream.

"Well?" asked Gohan, as Lucario opened his eyes and his pins moved down.

"Your soul is good indeed!" replied Lucario. "You are as good as your father was, maybe even more, but, as I saw your soul, I also saw something that resembeled a large mass of energy, that looked like it was stored away for a later use...tell me...are you, like your father, a Saiyan?"

"Eh, hehehehe..." Gohan scratched his back while smiling. "In fact, I´m a Half-Saiyan, as my mom is a human..."

"Aha..." Lucario was intrigued. "But you may still transform, even with your human blood?"

"Of course! Watch!"

Gohan started to gather energy, as he prepared to transform.
Suddenly, his body was engulfed in a golden aura, and his hair turned blonde. He had transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"Marvelous!" replied Lucario, as he was stunned of Gohan´s sudden transformation. "Indeed, marvelous! But...I still sense MORE energy to be unlocked, if I´m correct?"

"You got that right! There´s more where this came from! HHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

His hair turned golden, and became sharper. His body was surrounded with electricity. The floor began to shake, and small cracks was shaped at Gohan´s feet.

"AMAZING!!" Lucario was even more awed at Gohan´s display of power. "I´ve never sensed so much power! Gohan, you truly are as powerful as your dad!! Gohan?"


Gohan did not respond, as he continued to gather energy. The entire room was now shaking, and the cracks became bigger. Lucario was scared.




Suddenly, Gohan stopped, as his hair returned to normal, and the electrical aura disappeared. The room stood still, and the cracks filled themselves. Lucario was reliefed, as he sighed deeply.

"W-What was that?!" said Gohan surprised. "I-I just felt a gigantic burst of energy...flowing inside of me..."

"I...don´t know what it was, Gohan..." replied Lucario, and looked into Gohan´s eyes. "But promise me, Gohan, that you never, EVER, release it in this world!"

"B-But..." started Gohan, but Lucario interrupted him.

"If this...burst of energy...is even LARGER than you´ve predicted, it may cause the Earth to rupture, thus, ending us all!"

"O-Okay..." replied Gohan. Lucario then turned towards the chairs.

"Now, then...go get the others. Tell them that I have something urgent to tell them."

Meanwhile, at The Black Fortress...

"Is everyone here? Good..."

Black Doom had gathered all of his minions around a large table.

"It is a great honor for me, Black Doom, Commander of The Black Arms, and soon to be; The Surpreme Ruler Of The Universe, to welcome you all to this...re-creation of the greatest union of villains ever alive: The Evil Union!"

"HAIL BLACK DOOM!! LORD AND MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!" yelled the others and raised their fists to the air. Black Doom calmed them, as he continued:

"Now then, without further hesitation, let us introduce ourselves!"

Seymour stood up, made a pattern with his hands, and bowed.

"I am Seymour Guado: Respected Leader Of the Guado People And Maester of Yevon!"

Next was Kusana.

"I am Kusana: Leader of The Gang of Four! And these are my companions: Gitai, Setsuna and Shizuku!"

Nazo then stood up.

"I am Nazo the Hedgehog: Eternal Enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, And The Immortal Son Of the Chaos Emeralds!"

"And I´m Mephiles...the Dark." replied Mephiles.

"Good, good..." said Black Doom. "...But, this is not ALL of our members, no...ONE still remains..."

He waved his hand, and into the room stepped...

"BEHOLD! Our newest member, and The Guardian of The Black Fortress! BROLY!!"

It was Broly, but he seemed...calmer. He was not in his Legendary Super Saiyan Form, but in his normal form. His massive muscles were gone, and his hair was hanging down from his head. It was black. He also had some kind of...infection on his forehead. Black Doom pointed at it.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j17e1ExDDus]Background Music: Control Of The Mind[/url]
(Original Name: Final Battle)

"This, my fellow friends, is the proof of my insidious geniality! These are my Mind Worms, capable of infecting even the most solid minds with an un-curable Mind Serum, which grants ME total control of their thoughts, their memories, their actions...even their moods. And trust me! You do not want me to make Broly here really angry, ehehehehehee..."

He then turned to Broly.

"Tell me, Legendary Super Saiyan....Who do you serve?"

The Mind Worms began to glow, and Broly began to scream in pain, bending down on his knees and holding his head in agony.

"B-BLACK D-DOOM!!!" he yelped. "BLACK...DOOM!!"

"Yesss...You belong to me, my precious Broly..." he replied, as the Worms stopped glowing, and Broly sighed in relief.

"T-Thank you...m-my master..." he replied, as he stood up.

"You´re welcome..." Black Doom said, while laughing quielty for himself. "Eheheheheheeee...now then...to send you on a...little mission..."

The Mind Worms began to glow again, and a scream of agony was heard from the Black Fortress...

"Everyone!" said Lucario, as the Neo-Legion had re-gathered in the Main Hall, also called; The Hall Of Introduction, since it was the first place they´ve met on. "It is a great joy to have you all here, since today, you have all joined: The Neo-Legion, the new guardians of the Earth since The Heroic Legion! Also..." he added. "I would like to congratulate Sonic and Amy Rose, for taking their first step into a life of eternal love, as they today, are a married couple!!"

Everyone cheered and applauded, as Sonic´s and Amy´s cheeks were turning red.

"Ooh..." sighed Yuna, as she held her hands around her heart. "So romantic..."

"You bet!" replied Amy, as she held around Sonic. "We´re the happiest couple there ever will be!"

"I, as a Summoner of Besaid, wish you eternal luck throughout your life!" said Yuna, as she then turned to Lucario. "...Now then, Lucario...why did you bring us here?"

"I have brought you here, for you will now be sended back to the Real World. But, before you leave...take these."

Suddenly, something that looked like wrist devices hovered in front of them. They took them and attached them to their wrists.

"These will act as a need of communication for you." replied Lucario. "Contact me, or anyone else through these, and we will aid you as soon as possible. Now, Farewell!"

A great light engulfed them, and soon, Gohan found himself sitting at his seat in History Class! The teacher looked at him with surprise.

"Mr. Gohan?! Why are you so late?!"

Gohan waked up from his thoughts and said:

"Who, me? But, I´ve been here all time, Mr. Rennheimer, ehehehehehee!"

As school ended, Gohan once again thought of what´s happened to him. He checked his wrist again, and there was the wrist device that Lucario had given him.

"That´s strange..." he mumbeled. "I really thought it was just a dream..."

"What was a dream?!"

Gohan was shocked and turned around. Behind her was a girl in his age with a purple T-shirt, a white linen above, and black shorts. She had black hair and blue eyes, which stared at Gohan furiously.
It was Videl, the daughter of the world-renowned "Martial Arts Champion" Hercule Satan, who claims to have defeated Cell during the Cell Games, when it actually was Gohan!

"WHAT was a dream?!" she replied furiously, as Gohan quickly thought of something to cover it up with.

"W-Well you remember...in History Class..." he stuttered. "I-I kinda slept, a-and I was dreaming of a large plate of food that I was going to gobble up until I...I woke up! Ehehehehehehee....."

"Hmpf!" muttered Videl. "You always think about food, just like your father! You Saiyans are soo predictable!"

Videl had been told by Gohan about his and his father´s heritage, that they were Saiyans from outer space, but she had promised not to tell anyone...in return that Gohan taught her how to fly like he and the other Z-Fighters could. And combined with her Martial Arts training at home, she was quite a feisty lady!

"W-Well, you see..." started Gohan, but then he heard a blast. He looked around.

Smoke was billowing from the town´s centre, and people were running in panic!

"Oh no!" yelped Videl, as she stood next to Gohan. "We must help them!"

"Right! Videl, go and get the people to safety! I´ll see what caused that blast!"


He and Videl flew towards the smoke, and Videl landed next to the panicked people and tried to lead them away. Gohan continued alone, as he suddenly felt a strong trail of energy!

"W-What?!" he stopped in mid-air. "T-This power...I-It can´t be..."

But as the smoke settled, he saw a large, muscular man with green, spikey hair, with a golden aura surrounding his body. He looked straight at Gohan, and smiled sadistically.

"B-BROLY!!" Gohan was stunned. Broly was dead! How could HE have escaped Hell?! Broly suddenly laughed at Gohan.


To be continued..!

Uh oh...seems like The Legend is alive! Will Gohan be able to beat this abominal monster of the past? Or will Broly´s hands be stained with the blood of Goku´s son?! Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter of:
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Well, they are a group of evil ninjas from one of the Naruto Shippuuden Movies.


Kusana is the leader, and he has the ability to control some kind of "Chakra Worms", which gives Gitai, Setsuna and Shizuku a Chakra injection, since they don´t have chakra of their own.


Gitai, once given the injection, is able to use Earth Ninjutsus, Setsuna is able to use Air Ninjutsus and Shizuku uses either uses Fire or Water Ninjutsus.


Picture of them is in the register, under The Gang of Four

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You don´t play Final Fantasy?


Anyways, as described in chapter 3, Seymour is the leader of the Guado people, a race that has highly evolved magic abilities. He is also a Maester of Yevon, which kinda is their worldwide religion.


He is also the son of a human woman and a Guado man, Lord Jyscal, once the Maester of Yevon himself, until Seymour´s mind screwed up because of the mixed human/Guado thoughts in his head and he killed Jyscal.


He is very wacko and powerful, and in the game, he almost forces Yuna to marry him.

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