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ok know that we have enough members we will know have a card contest any one who wants to be a judge like me can be one but not all of us can be a judge i will only have one if if i the club if you are outsiders then yes you can be Judges (not including me) any ways we all know the bases you can make as much cards you want to it was to be about element wolves or normal wolves good luck to all of you and will see who wins



1'ts place +2 rep and 15 points

2'ed place +1 rep and 10 points

3'ed place +1 rep and 5 points

4th place +1 rep







[spoiler=disqualified people]


Benny D



card contest started January 1,2009

card contest will end January 11,2009 except for velociraptor3000 so the contest will end the 13Th at midnight no more exceptions only if i approve![/align]

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I made my card:




[spoiler=LORE]This card's type is also treated as "Beast". When this card is played, discard one non Beast-type monster on the field. Once per turn, you can Special Summon one "Elemental Wolf" monster from the Graveyard to your hand. You may discard this card in order to Special Summon one "Elemental Wolf" from your deck, then shuffle your deck.[/code]




This card's type is also treated as "Beast". When this card is played, You may Special Summon one "Elemental Wolf of Time" from your Hand to the Field. Once per turn, you may discard one card in your hand in order to discard one spell or trap card on the field. This card cannot be Targeted by your opponent's monster effects.

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