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Alternate win condition card, needs a name


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You can only activate this card if the number of cards in your deck is 15 or less. Draw 1 card from your deck. If the card you drew is a Spell or Trap Card, send it to the Graveyard. If the card you drew is a Monster Card, roll 1 six-sided die twice. If the total of both rolled numbers is 12 or equal to the level of the Monster Card you drew by this card's effect, you win the Duel. If not, randomly discard 2 cards from your hand.


That's how I would write it, but I'm not too shure if it's completely right.

Nice idea. 8/10

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on your Deck = in your Deck

draw 1 card on... = draw 1 card from...

"If the card drawn..."

Spell or Trap Card

"send the card you Draw..." = "send the card you drew..."

6-sided dice


"If the number of the dice roll is equal to the Level of the monster drawn, or a 12, you win the duel."


I'd scrap the "or 12" part.

Eh. Extremely limited usage. I doubt that there would really be a time where you only had 15 cards in your deck.


Don't really like the pic.


I'd call it....

"Dice of Fate"

I guess....



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