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Help me create a Tier List....

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Yes! As you can see in this thread. We have a tier list. We should create a list of cards and put them in each catergory according to their playability level and how they dominate metas.


Without further ado. Lets start the list. This list can contain OCG cards and Banned cards. Ive done a brief start-up on how the list should be run


NORMAL MONSTERS aint allowed unless they can be used in a Deck of some sort. Not any random Norms allowed


[align=center]Top Tier

• Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

• Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

• Dark Armed Dragon

• Judgment Dragon

• Chaos Sorcerer

• Yata-Garasu

• Tsukuyomi

• Crush Card Virus

• Pot of Greed

• Raigeki

• Dark Hole

• Heavy Storm

• Harpies Feather Duster

• Monster Reborn

• Premature Burial

• Call of the Haunted

• Painful Choice

• Destiny Hero - Disc Commander

• Cyber Stein


High Tier

• Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

• Gladiator Beast Heraklinos

• Jinzo

• Destiny Hero - Plasma

• Reinforcement of the Army

• Gold Sarcophagus

• Arms Hole

• Allure of Darkness

• Destiny Draw

• Trade-In

• Solar Recharge

• Charge of the Light Brigade

• Card of Safe Return

• Elemental Hero Prisma


Normal Tier

• Blue-Eyes White Dragon

• Spell Striker

• Green Gadget

• Red Gadget

• Yellow Gadget

• Swing of Memories


Low Tier

• Truckroid

• Rainbow Dragon

• Celtic Guardian


Bottom Tier

• Larvae Moth

• Phantasmal Martyrs

• Wall Shadow

• Gate Guardian

• Gryphon Wing

• White Hole

• Anti Raigeki

• Doma, the Angel of Silence




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NORMAL MONSTERS aint allowed unless they can be used in a Deck of some sort.

Top Tier: Celtic Guardian


Decks it can be used in' date=' Rat Box, Warrior, UFORoid, Earth, and my all time favorite, Normal.



Stop trying to be funny.


Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Dragon (big beatstick becomes a bigger beatstick), a Fusion Material (dumpable via Prisma) which yields practical uses, has 3000 ATK, can be revived by Swing/Birthright/etc. and is a Level 8 which means Trade-In food. BEWD >>> Most other Normal Monsters. Celtic Guardian fits into the Most other Normal Monsters category.

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