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Gotcha Force cards

I Hate Snatch Steal

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You realize that if you can't read the effects' date=' that you could just post them underneath the card?


Other than that, these are actually pretty good. I'm surprised. Some of the pics could be better though.



not bad

but need better pics




I know about the pic trouble' date=' but trying to screen capture this game is very hard with all the displays in the way. Google images is no help. Most of the pics came from the collection screen. (Kind of a gallery of the gotcha borgs you have.) thus they have the same backround. In game shots are hard. Here is an example:




I tried my best on the pics, but their still bad...

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they are good.

i like them' date=' but why are some of the cards giant?



Good question, thank you for asking instead of flaming.


The answer is so that I can cram more text in without making the text unreadable. Since I print these and duel with them (with my opponent's consent), my opponents have to be able to read them.

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