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What anime charecter most relates to you. Do you look like Naruto do you act like Ichigo. What is it.

I look like Lelouch from code geass.

I act more like Susaku from code geass though at times I'm hot headed and impulsive like Edward from FMA.

I tend to keep to myself sometimes like sasuke

and to top it off i'm a straight A student yet still popular like light.

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Light Yagami.


I may not seem like it, but everything I do is well thought out and part of a larger plan. Not to mention the fact that we'd both want to eliminate the scum of the world. Plus I almost always had the highest grades in my class.


As far as which anime character I most look like, Misa Amane. We both wear lots of black.

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Ash Ketchum from Pokeymanz


Because I plan to catch all of them, but then i realise that Ive only caught around 8 per season, so i gave up that catch phrase and decided to go on some sort of adventure where new regions and different types of Pokeymanz pop out of no where

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I look like Ash with shorter hair' date=' smaller eyes, and no cap.





Oh, Damn. I thought you were gonna say you had yellow skin and long ears and a lightning bolt-Shaped tail. (Don't forget the red cheeks.)


I don't look like any characters but i do act like several characters from Karin.

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