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My best dark synchro yet! Dragon From the Underworld! Rate plz!


Do i make good Dark synchros?  

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  1. 1. Do i make good Dark synchros?

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non-tuner = non-Tuner


last line: If this card attacks an opponents monster double the ATK of it (WRONG!!!)


correction: If this card attacks an opponent's monster, double this card's ATK during the Damage Step. (or something like that)


I like this card.... 8/10

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Okay nice card but the stars are slightly wonky


Ok here is the good' date=' it is always nice 2 see a dark synchro someone made themselvs, otherwise it is just a trash synchro also pic is over used and the effect border is off in color.




how do you get the dark synchro background on the card:?


you have to make them your self

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Some questions . . .


FIRST: Why exactly does it say '1 non-Tuner monster + 1 "Red dragon egg"'? I could have sworn it was the Dark Tuner subtracted from the non-Tuner monster, or '1 non-Dark Tuner monster - 1 Dark Tuner' or some such?


SECOND: Why does the background to the card remind me of a Token Card's? Or rather, why do they look so similar?


As for a review on the effect: semi-OP'd. It can't be destroyed by battle, and it gets double ATK when battling (with 3500 ATK to start with) . . . the fact that it's Nomi is a decent nerf, but not quite enough in my opinion to justify attacking with 7000 ATK.


Keep trying, though, and good show with the editing.

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