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If you could choose..


How would you like to die?  

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  1. 1. How would you like to die?

    • Physically crushed (e.g. car crash)
    • Drown
    • Overdose, Poisoning, etc. (chemicals)
    • Disease / illnesses
    • Old age / Asleep
    • Fall (or pushed) off a building
    • I'm already dead.
    • Other

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Okay, here's how I'd like to die.


I put my foot on a garden rake and the pole hits me in the face and I fall down several flights of stairs and colliding with Chuck Norris who challenges me to a one on one sparring match. After being punched to the Moon I'd be used by the Rebels to use as a Mancannon to blow up the Death Star and after the battle I drift through space and are abducted by sentient space dwelling dolphins. They dissect me and put all my inside back, and use me as a Mancannon again to try to destroy Earth but Superman & Friends stops the collision and I find myself in Japan. After participating in several street fighter tournaments and defeating Bison and Akuma Godzilla goes out of Tokyo Bay and fries me with his atomic breath.


THAT'S how I want to die.

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