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Digimon Battle Force RP

The Warden

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I'll admit to say, I intend this to be a fair style battle game, the winnder of a round is decided by creatively and fairly beating thier opponents. Also, some digimon are forbiddoned because they are to powerful, sufficed to say, uber. For a better feel of monsters, you can use one from any manga or anime.



From all around the Digital Worlds, fighters come to battle in a grand tournament, the victor will become the Champion of the World. This tournament is hosted by Yggdrasil, Overlord GAIA and NEO. But, could there be a darker plan for this tournament, or are we just being paranoid?


[spoiler=Forbiddoned Digimon]

Royal Knights (excluding Tamers Gallantmon)


EmporerGreymon & MagnaGarurumon

The 7 Daemon Lords (excluding Tamers Beelzemon)

The Celestial Digimon

Imperialdramon Paladin mode (I may allow an exception, if a good reason is given)




Vemmon and all it's digivolutions


Any other suggestions for forbiddons are welcomed, with a good reason.




No Spamming

No god-modding in battles, if goo modding is reported or if I see it, the user will be disqualified.

You cannot use a forbiddoned digimon unless I grant its use as a boss character

Your characters can comment on battles taking place from the Fighters Lounge

Only a certain amount of an evolution level can be used, once a level section is filled, no more can be made.


There are:

Infinite Rookies

10 Champions

5 Ultimates

3 Megas

9 Hybrids



[spoiler=Round Types]

There are 5 types:

1 on 1: As the name suggests

2 on 2: As the name suggests, partners are chosen at random)

Royal Rumble: 4 player free for all

Battle Jumble: A 2-4 player battle with alternating rules

Boss Battle: A group of 4 unlucky bastards go against a supremely powerful foe from the Forbiddoned section



::Entry Form::


Digimon Name:

Image: (in spoilers)

Digimon Level:

Weapon: (Only for digimon with weapons)

Attack Style: (How you do normal attacks, do you punch, kick, use weapons?)

Skill: (Flight, Tunneling, Barriers? This must coincide with the digimon, digimon like greymon can't fly, but can tunnel)

Digimon Attack 1: (Name and description)

Digimon Attack 2: (Name and description)

Passive Power: (Select from list below)

Special Ability: (Select from list below)

Strategy Type: (Balanced, Offencive, Defencive or Speed)

Favourite Element: (Based off the monster course)


[spoiler=Ability and misceallaneary Guide]


Flight: Easier to dodge attacks

Tunneling: Can move quickly to different parts of the arena

Barrier: Can repel Digimon Attacks for a short while

Note: Skills can be re-used 3 posts after first use.



[spoiler=Passive Powers]

These are permanently in effect, some affect you, your opponent or allies:


::Player Passives::

Defender: Take less damage from normal attacks.

Striker: Deal more damage to foes with normal attacks.

Illusion: Can dodge normal attacks more easily.


::Enemy Passives::

Fear: Weakens foes normal attacks.

Despair: Weakens foes defence.

Tangle: Foes are easier to hit.


::Ally Passives::

Sentinel: Take attacks for any allies in range.

Swap: Swaps positions with allies.

Twin Seed: Special Items affect both allies.


More will added when I think of them



[spoiler=Special Abilities]

These are decided by a 20 dice roller sim a friend is finding for me. You can design your own or use these ones given, for created ones, I'll give a fair result needed or you try to give one:



To Champion: Roll a 6 or more

To Ultimate: Roll a 10 or more

To Mega: Roll a 15 or more

Form, Modes: Roll an 18 or more

Note: Create another entry page for evolutions, but alter anything as needed


Bomb: Target and damage 5 area of the area, rendering the area useless and damaging anyone on it, Roll a 14 or more.

Divinity: Become immune to damage for 10 posts, Roll a 18 or more.

Focus: Increase the strength of your normal attack by double for the rest of the fight, cannot be used again, Roll a 16 or more.

Restore: Renew energy and recover a few injuries, Roll a 7 or more

Note: Special Abilities CANNOT be used in succession, but you can intiate another after 5 of your own posts.


I will add more if I think of more or I add user submitted ones



[spoiler=Strategy Rules]

This governs how your monster fights.


Balanced: Has a balanced amount of Attack, Defence and Speed.

Offencive: Attacks mostly and deals more damage but have less defence.

Defencive: Guards more to reduce damage, they have greater defence but less speed.

Speed: Attacks quickly, but has low attack and defence but can dodge more easily than the other 3 strategies.









A battle arena will be described before battle begins and elements will be described as well, your element makes you stronger in an area of the same element




[spoiler=Accepted Players]


Username: BH15

Digimon Name: Mercurymon




Digimon Level: Hybrid Champion

Weapon: Irony Shields

Attack Style: Slamming foes with Irony Shields

Skills: None

Digimon Attack 1: Dark Reflection-Absorbs oncoming special attacks and reflects them back at foe, the shields break if an extremely powerful attack is reflected or if too many attacks are reflected.

Digimon Attack 2: Mirror Offset-Blasts foes with green-white energy from the Irony Shields

Passive Power: Sentinel

Special Ability: Dark Ascension-Digivolves to ShadowSeraphimon, Roll an 18 or more.

Strategy Type: Defencive

Favourite Element: Steel


Username: BH15

Digimon Name: ShadowSeraphimon




Digimon Level: Mega

Weapon: Claws

Attack Style: Punches

Skills: Flight

Digimon Attack 1: Strike of the Seven Dark Stars-ShadowSeaphimon generates 7 negtively charged spheres in in his hands and fires them.

Digimon Attack 2: Shadow Shockwave-Launches a shock wave the launches the foe away.

Passive Power: Sentinel

Special Ability: Revert-Devolves back to Mercurymon, Roll a 1 or more.

Strategy Type: Defencive

Favourite Element: Steel




[spoiler=Link to Dice Sim]



I want you to answer fairly in your results, also, the setting is a 20 sided dice and 1 being tosses


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Username: yusiefudo

Digimon Name: ShineGreymon

Image: [spoiler=ShineGreymon and GeoGrey Sword]ShineGreymon.jpg



Digimon Level: Mega

Weapon: GeoGrey Sword

Attack Style: Slight Long Range, Sword

Skill: Flight

Digimon Attack 1: Glorious Burst: Spreads his wings and fires the light energy which he has concentrated to the utmost limit.

Digimon Attack 2: Shining Blast: Uses the light shining from his wings to mow down the enemy.

Passive Power: Striker

Special Ability: Burst*

Strategy Type: Offencive

Favourite Element: Fire


Burst*: when your are about to lose you go into a frenzy where your attacks are 50% stronger. roll: 18-20...feel free to edit it!

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Digimon Name: Kimeramon

Image: Kimeramon.gif

Digimon Level: Ultimate/Mega

Attack Style: Attacks with all 4 arms at the same time

Skill: Flies

Digimon Attack 1: Heat Viper (Shoots energy from the mouth) 1-7

Digimon Attack 2: 10 Attack (Randomises an attack from 10 of the digimon it is made of) 8-10

Passive Power: Tangle

Special Ability: Digivolve to Mega

Strategy Type: Offensive

Favourite Element: Electricity

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Username: Endofallthings

Digimon Name: Slayerdramon

Digimon Level: Mega

Weapon: Fragarach Sword

Attack Style: Close range, Sword,

Digimon Attack 1: Tenryu Slash (Heavenly Dragon Slash Ripper): Accelerates Fragarach with a spin of its body, and then drives it vertically through the opponent's skull, cutting them in half. This is the first form of Ryūzanken.

Digimon Attack 2: Koryu Slash (Biting Dragon Slash Blade): Steps in close to the opponent, and then curls Fragarach around them, shaving off their whole body with the entwined sword. This is the third form of Ryūzanken

Passive Power: Fear

Special Ability: Focus

Strategy Type: Offense

Favorite Element: Fire

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Username: Blackstone Dresden

Digimon Name: Karatenmon

Image: [spoiler=I'm sure you know what he looks like]Karatenmon_b.jpg


Digimon Level: Ultimate

Weapon: Irataka no Ken

Attack Style: Close/Long range


Digimon Attack 1: Harmony Swords: Reads the opponent's next move and counters accordingly

Digimon Attack 2: Feather Flare: Shoots its feathers like bullets

Passive Power: Striker

Special Ability: Digivolve to Mega (Ravemon)

Strategy Type: Offensive

Favorite Element: Darkness


Digimon Name: Ravemon

Image: [spoiler=I seriously hope you know what this guy looks like]Ravemon_b.jpg


Digimon Level: Mega

Weapon: Chououmaru

Attack Style: Close Range

Skill: Flight

Digimon Attack 1: Blast Wing: Uses its left wing as a sword

Digimon Attack 2: Celestial Blade: Slashes with Chououmaru and releases a bolt of black lightning

Passive Power: Striker

Special Ability: Revert

Strategy Type: Speed

Favorite Element: Darkness

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