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Lycans Vs. Vampires: The Blood Rose


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Welcome. In this legendary tale i will be using script format. When a character talks, there species will be color coded.


BLACK will symbolize humans. Red will symbolize Vampires. Blue will symbolize Lycans.

Brown will symbolize Hybrids.



Each race has its own abilities.



Nothing really. Can run, can jump, can talk. Basic stuff.




Lycans display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. Unlike their rivals, the vampires, Lycans are immortal, able to live for hundreds of years. They possess enhanced strength, speed and regeneration abilities.




A Vampire's transformation is not nearly as startling as their Lycan counterparts. When they transform, their eyes turn a startling shade of electric blue or bright gold, while their eye teeth lengthen to become pointed fangs. At all times, the lateral incisors on all vampires are elongated and come to a sharp point. a low-level vampire, is shown to have the ability to cling to the ceiling and jump at superhuman speed.




While not a fourth race, a Hybrid is a fusion of Lycan and Vampire at the cellular level. As such, it is far more powerful than either species, with none of the weaknesses. The physical appearance of a Hybrid varies depending on the species it was first. A Hybrid with a Lycan dominant side resembles a Lycan in appearance. However, their faces are only slightly elongated- appearing human on their first transformation and growing more pronounced over time-, and their eyes are completely black. They also have little or no fur and blueish-grey skin. They have talons like a Lycan, and the animalistic posture of a Lycan.



There are other types but i will post them later.



The war between vampires and lycans has been going on for centuries. They had never paid any attention to use before, he came. His name is Talon, or his nickname at least. He did not like the way we lived. Our conditions were better than his. Talons type is unknown at the time.





An elder by the name of Alice made a chamber were Talon was sealed in. After Talon was gone the war just grew more intense. Talons species were completely gone from earth. They had vanished after he was captured. The strange thing about Talon was that he stayed 15 years old for over 900 years. Lycans can live like that to but they change unlike Talon.





The lycans get smarter every day. But the real trouble is the lycan's leader. Lucas, is looking for the blood rose which will set Talon free. But luckily, we have Ariel, our secret weapon, our Hybrid.


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in this fic maybe the roles can be reversed. It's a good start for a fic


That's stupid' date=' that would complete screw up the whole werewolf vampire thing.


Can't wait for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.


Your not the only one.


Same here for the film. And it's not our fic to make the rules on, who knows what is being planned

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It's the opposite' date=' Vampires are Immortal. Werewolves cannot regenerate. Vampires can.



In the film under world Lucian was Immortal and Michael Regenerated befor being bit by Selene. Oh here is Episode 1.


[spoiler= Episode 1]


Lilith: Lord Malcolm?


Malcolm: Yes?


Lilith: The Lycans, they are at the tomb of Kvaltz.


Malcolm: So?


Lilith: The indicator says that the blood rose in there.


Malcolm: Well, that changes everything. Get Slade and his men to go check it out.


Lilith: But sir....


Malcolm: Do as I say and thats an order!


Lilith walks out of Malcolm's room and towards Slade's armory. She opens the large steel door and peers inside. There are weapons all over the walls, M-16s, AK-47s, Bull Pups, Shotguns etc...


Lilith: Slade?


Suddenly a big husky Vampire pears holding a Pistol loaded with silver bullets.


Slade: What is it?


Lilith: Lord Malcolm has requested you and your men's presence at the Kvaltz tomb.


Slade: What for?


Lilith: Lycan extermination.


Slade: Isn't it always? How many of them are there?


Lilith: Probably hundreds.


Slade: Then why would Malcolm just send us?


Lilith: I don't know.


Slade: You must be wrong. Malcolm probably knows more than you.


Lilith: But the Blood Rose is there! Lycans will swarm all over it in order to bring that terrible beast Talon back!


Slade: Shut up! I am tired of hearing you talk.


Slade assembles his 5 men, Mike, Timothy, Kane, Decker, and Vivian. They leave in a helicopter.


Lilith: I hope I am wrong and Malcolm is right. For there sake.


The helicopter begins to land as Slade begins to explain there mission to recover the rose. The soldiers pile out into the cold damp valley in which they must go.


Slade: If you fall behind you get left behind!


The run towards the Tomb ready to fight. What the found, was not what they expected.


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[spoiler=Episode 2]


Slade: What the?


Vivian: This is unbelievable.


Decker: Wow.


The whole place was empty. No lycans, no humans, nothing except wet grass and mud.


Slade: The Lycans should be here.


Timothy: Maybe lord Malcolm was wrong.


Vivian: Lord Malcolm is never wrong.


The group searched the perimeter and still found nothing.


Slade: Anything?


Kane: Negative. It's like they all vanished into thin air.


Slade: Impossible.


Suddenly an old woman appears out of a alcove drenched in blood.


Vivian: Oh, my god!


Slade: What happened?!?


Woman: There was only one, only one, only one..


The woman toppled over and died.


Mike: She is a nurse. This is not her blood.


They went into the alcove to find dead bodies lined up.


Slade: They all must of died from there wounds. One nurse could not treat all of them.


Vivian: We need to take the bodies to lord Malcolm. He will want to see these.


Slade: Vivi... Vivi.... Vivian turn around!


Vivian turned around and the 12 bodies got up. The started growling.


Slade: There turning, kill them all!


The 5 vampires let lose with there Bull pups loaded with silver bullets. The first lycan, a little girl went down first. The second one, a rather tall male was struck in the chest and went down hard. The third and last to die, a quite old woman was beheaded. The other 9 lycans managed to grab Vivian. The rest of the troops ran out while Vivian stayed fighting. Vivian killed 2 more with her pup before it ran out. She grabbed her 9mm out of its holster and let fire killing 3 more before running out of clips.


Vivian: Damn!


Vivian pulled her knife out of her pocket and killed 2 more lycans by cutting there throats. She killed the last 2 lycans by stabbing her knife in ones chest and the others head. Vivian could here the chopper leaving but just lied there. When she finally left the alcove she fell out of exhaustion. As she looked up she saw the old woman. But she was different. She had fangs and sharp claws and was drooling over her. The new lycan that they had forgot about grabbed Vivian and slashed her throat. The men could her Vivian's screams from the chopper.


Mike: Lord Malcolm wont be to happy about this.


Slade: Shut up! I need to think this trough. Were going back to the tomb.


The chopper turned and headed back to the tomb.


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[spoiler= Episode 3]



When the chopper arrived.....


Slade: (looking at Vivian's body.) oh my god, they tore her apart.


Decker: I knew we should have never left her.


Slade: Timothy, Mike! Search the alcove were the lycans were.


Both: Roger.


The two run inside as Slade and decker examine Vivian's body. About 15 minutes later the two vampires return explaining how all the lycans in the alcove are dead and that something else had to have killed Vivian. Decker feeling uneasy returned to the chopper and grabbed a Auto-Shotgun.


Slade: Timothy, you go find what killed Vivian. Me, Decker, and Mike will search for the blood rose.


Timothy: Got it.


Slade and his group proceeded to enter the temple while Timothy stayed and looked for Vivian's killer. While searching Timothy came upon the old womans clothes.


Timothy: Ugh. Lycans must have took the body.


Timothy noticed a name tag on the clothing that read: Hi my name is Delilah.Timothy heard growling but thought nothing of it. But shortly after Timothy heard growling again he spun around and saw the old woman walking on all fours but quickly switched to two.


Timothy: you killed Vivian?


The old woman replied with a smile.


Delilah: Yes, and now you next!


Delilah lunged at Timothy knocking his bull pup from his hands. Timothy quickly countered with a solid kick to the chest. Delilah started trying to slash timothy with her claws but timothy grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground. Timothy then pilled a small machete from his belt.


Timothy: Bring it on!


Delilah: Die!


Timothy knew he could take Delilah because she had not turned fully. Making her just like a person with sharp claws and teeth. Timothy had no worries because there was not going to be a full moon for another week. Timothy slashed Delilah's arm but Delilah cut his cheek with her claws. Timothy grabbed Delilah and cut her back. Delilah shrieked in pain.


Delilah: Argh!


Delilah bit Timothy in the arm with a strong force. While Delilah was clenched on to timothy, he had a clear shot of her back. Timothy did not hesitate before stabbing Delilah in the back. Delilah let go of Timothy and he ran back and grabbed his bull pup and killed Delilah. Timothy then went to join the others in the tomb.


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[spoiler= Episode 4]


Slade: (Hears Timothy coming) Find anything.


Timothy: (gasping) The old woman, she was a lycan.


Decker: I knew we forgot something.


Slade: The blood rose should be in this tomb.


Timothy: We should call for back up.


Slade: We will, but later. We need to find out were the blood rose is and on which floor.


They searched the first 4 floors before coming upon a chamber with many dead humans.


Slade: Burn the bodies!


Mike: Sir, we left the Flamethrower at the chopper.


Slade: Well, every body put 1 bullet in each head!


They start shooting the bodies (there are roughly 30) before decker came upon a little girls body. Decker aimed the gun at her head but could not fire. He had a little sister who died not much older than this girl from a poison arrow shot by a lycan.


Decker: Poor thing.


Mike came up behind Decker and pushed him out of he way so he could shoot the girl.


Mike: Just point, aim, and....


The little girl suddenly jumped up and bit Mike's leg.


Mike: You dirty little piece of crap!


Mike shoved the girl down and sliced her throat with the knife at the end of his bull pup.


Mike: Damn, ow. Now, was that so hard?


Just as mike said that all the humans started rising (well the ones that were not shot in the head so about 17 of them) as there knew lycan forms.


Slade: Fall back!


Decker blew to Lycan's heads off with his shot gun and another one he shot in the chest at close range. Slade unleashed his bull pup and 4 of them before he needed to reload. A lycan that seemed to be metrosexual male jumped on top of Mike. Mike spun around and blasted the lycans stomach. Suddenly a door to another chamber opened and the fighting ceased. Out of the chamber came 5 lycans and 1 holding the blood rose.


Slade: Uraian (your-I-An)!


Uraian: Well, hello Slade.


Reaper: Hey, Slade. Look what I got.


Reaper and alpha Lycan showed Slade the blood rose.


Slade: You bastards!


Uraian: Well a girl such as myself should not be in a place like this.


Mike: Your a girl? I just thought you were gay.


Uraian: Shut up.


Reaper: Lest kill them.


Uraian: Lets.



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[spoiler=episode 5]

Uraian: You have no were to go and we have the blood rose!


Slade: (Winks at Mike) You really think?


Reaper notices Slade wink and orders his loyal servant, Monica to kill Mike. Just as Monica's hand started to grow claws Slade kicked Uraian's leg causing her to fall and then jumps up and knocks Reaper down by punching him. Timothy pulls his pistol and shoots the two lycans behind him. Mike raises his Puppy and aims for Monica but Reaper got up and ran towards Mike and slashed his jugular vein open. Slade attempted to kill Uraian by filling her full of silver but when he turned her, Reaper, and Monica were gone and they took the newly formed lycans with them.


Timothy: Slade, Mike is well... hes sorta.... ummmm.... how can I put this?


Slade: Spit it out!


Timothy: He is dead sir.


Slade: Everyone back to the chopper, I can't afford any more dead men.


They Then leave the temple and head back to the base.


Area: Vampire Base.


Lilith: How did it go?




Lilith: Hello? Are you guys all right? Were is Mike and Vivian?

Slade: There dead goddammit!


Lilith: Oh, I am so sorry.

Timothy: Were lucky to be alive. Why the @#$% Did Malcolm think that we could handle the job?


As they talk lord Malcolm walks in.


Malcolm: How did it go?


Area: Werewolf Hideout


Uraian: Damn, Vampires! Killing my loyal servers like they are mere humans!


Reaper: Calm down. We got the blood rose.


Uraian: Yeah, no thanks to those Half Ass whits!


Reaper: You know you can call the lycans what ever you want, but there are other bases with lycans that you can't control. When We release Talon, it will be hell for you.


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